Brighteon Broadcast News, Mar. 4th

100% Real News
The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
Trump declares Biden a traitorous enemy of the Constitution who’s trying to overthrow the United States of America.
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– Texas wildfires and political tensions. (0:00)
– 🅰🅸, economy, and election interference. (0:02)
– Political conspiracies and censorship. (5:14)
– Police defunding and emergency response delays. (10:17)
– Government conspiracies and financial surveillance. (14:28)
– Israel’s actions towards Palestinians and 🅰🅸 weaponization. (27:20)
– 🅰🅸 technology, transcription, and sentiment analysis. (33:21)
– 🅰🅸-powered sentiment analysis and its potential misuse. (39:19)
– Economic data manipulation and stock market overvaluation. (51:50)
– The future of electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells. (1:06:28)
– Nuclear energy as a reliable and consistent power source. (1:08:36)
– Commercial real estate bubble and its impact on banks and economy. (1:14:34)
– The future of commercial buildings in a post-COVID world. (1:20:17)
– Immigration, politics, and sociopathy. (1:22:59)
– Media, populism, and censorship. (1:29:02)
– Financial preparedness and survival strategies. (1:34:34)
Monday Mar. 4th ~ Broadcast [Duration 1:41:48]
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