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Mike Adams and Michael Yon join The Duran live broadcast for deep analysis of Texas, secession and CIVIL WAR.
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Alex Christoforou: Okay, we are live with Alexander Mercouris in London. How are you doing, Alexander?
Alexander Mercouris: I’m very well. I’m very delighted to be on this program today. All right, it’s gonna be a great program.
Alex Christoforou: Yes, it will because we have some very special guests. From Texas. I believe we have the one and only Mike Adams and Michael Yon. How are you gentlemen doing today?
Mike Adams: Doing great. Great to be on your show both of you.
Michael Yon: Very well, sir. It’s an honor.
Alexander Mercouris: Yeah. We’re having a great time here with you.
Alex Christoforou: It’s great to have you guys on and we have a lot to discuss. Let me say a quick hello to everybody that is watching us on The Duran at locals.com Odyssey Rockfin Rumble YouTube. And quick hello to our moderators, were fantastic, moderators, the best in the business. Mike and Michael, I have your information in the description box down below. And I will also add your information as a pinned comment. But very quickly, where can people follow you to find gentlemen?
Mike Adams: Well, first of all, this is our Brighteon.com studio. And I’m I’m about to interview Michael separately after this show. He came early to be with you, which is so amazing. And this is going to be so much fun. But brighteon.com and naturalnews.com For me, and then Michael…
Michael Yon: I’m on substack. And I’ve got Michael Yon and also on X daily, and then mostly I just spend my time in the jungles and and do a few interviews.
Alex Christoforou: All right, fantastic. So Alexander, Texas, the southern border. And we have some news with with Ukraine and the funding for Ukraine and Israel and Taiwan. But without the southern border. So we have a lot of ground to cover. Over to you, Alexander.
Alexander Mercouris: Yeah, absolutely. And it’s an absolute is. It may interest people in Texas, but your state is now the most famous state in the union. Because all the world is talking about what’s going on in Texas. It’s seen as absolutely crucial to what is happening in the United States. And of course, what the United States what happens in the United States affects the whole world. I mean, he’s still that way people talk about America and losing its way but the United States remains pivotally important. And Texas is at the moment, the most pivotal state in the union. What is happening on the border? What is going on there now? Is it I’ve been hearing dramatic things. I’ve been hearing extraordinary things about what has been happening on the border about numbers of people who’ve been trying to cross the border, about the attempts by the Texan government, the state government of Texas to try to control this thing. What has the Biden administration achieved in the time it has been in office or not achieved? What what has what is the actual state on the border of Texas? Well, if you could just explain that to our viewership, which is global, I should say. I mean, you know, people from all over the world, not just the United States.
Mike Adams: Let me give a little preamble, and then I’ll turn it over to Michael, because Michael Yon I think is the expert who has done more on the ground first person investigation of what are called the invasion camps in Panama, such as San Vicente, and I think Lahas Blancas is another one of them as well, that are funded through the State Department. And through Homeland Security through Alejandro Mayorkas is actually funding these camps as staging areas to invade the United States. But let me just say up front first, I have a lot of strong ties with former Texas Rangers and law enforcement in Texas and they tell me privately that they are not going to allow Biden to continue to use Texas foreign invasion beachhead into the United States. We now have what 25 additional US states that that are backing Governor Abbott’s letter to Joe Biden, which said that the federal government has shattered the compact with the states, which means that Governor Abbott is able to invoke a particular section of the United States Constitution that allows the state to defend itself when the federal government has abandoned its duty to protect the states. So we are now seeing as a preamble to this. We’re seeing the opening stages of a breakup or what could be a potential breakup of the United States of America, it could very soon become half and half. Or you know, roughly half the states might break away but But let me turn over to Michael for the details of what’s actually happening in Panama on the Darien Gap and the flood that’s coming to this country.
Michael Yon: All right. Well, I’m sure a lot of viewers here have no idea who I am. I’m a war correspondent, I spent a lot of time in wars around the world. And, and now I’m looking at the weaponized migration. And I’ve done this all over the world, from Japan, to Greece to Morocco to Lithuania, before that war broke out, warning that something may happen there in that region. I’m always watching the various inputs. So I’m watching energy trade routes, that sort of thing. You know, I was actually warning about Nord Stream before it was before it before something happened to it. In fact, that was over in Germany at BASF, twice that year, before something happened to Nord Stream, warning about it. And so bottom line is, I watched this a lot more than just the weaponized migration. That’s just one of the aspects. It’s obviously a kill shot. This is demographic warfare. You can see what’s happened to Europe, where I spent more than six years by the way. But so now I spent when Biden was installed, I was at the inauguration, or at least I was in Washington. I was not invited to the inauguration. But then I flew straight to El Paso, Texas. And so I was there within 24 hours thinking that they’re going to start to surge across the border, and they did, right. And then from there, I flew to Colombia, because I thought Colombia would end up the Darien Gap corridor would probably start to really widen. Now the Darien Gap. There’s a highway called the Pan American highway that goes from Alaska Prudhoe Bay, all the way down to the tip of South America. But there’s one area about 60 miles, that has no road that’s called the gap, the Darien Gap, because it’s called anyway, nobody knows where the Darien name came from, but it goes back centuries, but they call it the Darien Gap. So that’s the jungle between Panama and and, and Colombia. So I flew to Colombia, watching immediately, they started searching through Colombia into the Darien Gap. Then I flew over to the Panama side. And I’ve now I’ve spent about six months and the Darien Gap since Biden was installed. And now what I’ve been watching through the Darien Gap is it’s the the flows are dramatically increasing. For instance, in just in the parking lot before we just came on, I was getting the latest Intel up update from Darren, I mean, the flows are dramatically increasing Chinese, for instance, in huge amounts of Afghans and whatnot. In fact, I’m I just took Dr. Brett Weinstein and Chris Martenson and, and Van der Steele and Masako Garnacha down there on the last trip, and and Dr. Weinstein came back and went on the Tucker Carlson show and I think it’s had about 12 million views so far. So that’s worth watching, because Brett Weinstein’s interview with Tucker Carlson was very accurate. In fact, I’ll be going on Tucker in about two weeks. But I’m going back to Darien soon, but what I’m getting to is, when you’re looking at the Texas flows, Eagle Pass and all that I’ve been I’ve been across the entire US southern border from SpaceX, which is on the Gulf side to San Diego, which is a I’ve been on the Mexican side. I’m very familiar with this border, right? And, and what I’m getting to as no matter what happens in Texas, or Eagle Pass, Eagle passes like a speck of pepper on the size of this table, it’s really nothing. But I assure you that the flows are increasing through South America, if you can get your feet in South America, you can get anywhere in the United States within a week or two. Right. And so now we have flights coming every day from Turkey, like from Africa to Turkey, to Bogota. And then Bogota. Many of those flights go straight to the United States. Others go to Guatemala, then to the United States or Mexico. Bottom line is the flows continued to increase. The United States is being straight up invaded. I could go for hours, but I should cut it.
Alexander Mercouris: I’ve heard that the figures the 6 million people entered the United States sit illegally since the Biden administration, President Biden was inaugurated is this is this figure, you know, ballpark? Right, because it seems staggering. I mean, it is beyond beyond understanding it is far worse than anything I’ve ever heard. I mean, we had a migration crisis in Europe, in 2015. And that was 1 million people connected with the conflict in Syria. And that sparked a huge political crisis in Europe, including in Germany, that was 1 million people in a continent of many more people than the United States has. Is it? Is it 6 million is it as much as that.
Mike Adams: Michael, would you say right now it’s anywhere from 3000 to 10,000 a day?
Michael Yon: Well, actually just through the Darien Gap, that’s probably three to 5000 a day now. Right? Yeah, that’s just through the gap. That doesn’t include a lot of the people join flows and quantum Mala I was just over in Guatemala looking at it we have United States is working on aid camps in Guatemala actually camp as a as an aggressive term. They’re more like bus stops. And and a lot of the people fly directly to Mexico or they come in on Swift their flights 24 hours a day. And then we’ve got this giant border between Canada and United States, which is nobody seems to know about these. I mean, how big those flows are, we don’t know how many are coming in is 6 million directionally accurate? I would say it’s probably highly conservative, for instance, and Darien Gap at 2000 came through in one, just one single month last year in August. That was the peak month. But this month, I’m imagining they’ll probably be more I can tell you more in about six or seven days…
Mike Adams: I would say half a million a quarter is a pretty good ballpark… like a couple of million a year.
Michael Yon: It’s hard to say because you know, we both have a lot of border patrol contacts. I’m on the border a lot. Nobody seems to know. And of course, our government is covering it up. But what we can see is on the streets and the United States, as we see people everywhere. I mean, the bathtubs getting full, you know, when I was in Hong Kong, I got kicked out in 2020. Because I was there watching a similar thing. You know, one of the ways that Mainland China slowly took Hong Kong was just by doing the weaponized migration, they just brought in Mandarin speaking mainland Chinese day by day for years, and took over, you know, teaching positions to go over police and political position, the normal, right. And the same in Tibet. When I was in Tibet, it was the same. I mean, there were some war aspects, obviously. But mostly, it’s just demographic warfare. Recently, I had dinner with a retired general in Honduras, and he’s of Chinese descent, actually. And I and we talked about this for several hours. And he said, and he said, you know, China’s not coming. He’s been to China seven times, they invited him because he’s of Chinese descent. But he was a retired hunter in general. He said, China’s not coming to attack everybody. militarily. They’re, they’re coming to become you like they did in Hong Kong, they became Hong Kong, right. And as you see in Taiwan, you’re very familiar with, I may go back there again soon.
Alexander Mercouris: I mean, the other thing that we don’t understand this is something that people in Europe, for example, do not understand is that this is a global migration. This is a global migration into the United States. It is not just people from Latin and South America who are going into the United States. It’s people from China, it’s people from Afghanistan, you’ve mentioned all of this. And it’s highly organized. And it is partly funded by the United States government, the universal it’s mostly funded by the United States government. Now, we just had a bill in the Senate, which was supposed to try to control this process. And there was an incredibly complicated negotiation about it. But there was one thing about it that stood out if I’ve got this correct. And perhaps you can explain to me whether or not it is correct. And that is that the bill allowed for 5000 illegal migrants to enter into the United States each day. This is supposed to be a compromised, and what what governments actually passes a bill saying 5000 illegal migrants are allowed to enter the country a day, or indeed, one illegal migrant? I mean, if they they’re coming in illegally, why are you allowing them in? I mean, how can you pass a law or agree a grid system to allow any illegal migrants to enter at all? Surely, this is a logical contradiction. Can you explain this?
Mike Adams: I think it was Scott Adams that tweeted out, he said, it feels like we are in a war and that our government is not on our side. That’s the sentiment. That is infuriating the American people, they are now realizing that they are being replaced. They’re being inundated. There’s an invasion, as Michael said, The invasion is accelerating. And our own government is oppose to organize migration, you know, organize immigration, which none of none of us oppose immigration, per se. We want it to be organized. We want it to be based on merit. We want to be able to do background checks on people know where they’re coming from and demand Hey, you bring some money with you so that you don’t have to end up being a burden on the whole system. But Michael, what would you add to that? a lot. You have there is a lot.
Michael Yon: The main funder is the United States, we’re the one funding our own invasion. So I see people talking constantly about how we should punish Mexico or, or Panama or Colombia or whatever it is the United States bottom line period, right. For instance, there is a place in Panama where I’ll be out again in a few days, called the City of Knowledge, the City of Knowledge as the old US Army South headquarters for Clayton right now, that is at least 62 NGOs, INGOs, and nonprofits including IOM, so they’ve taken over our headquarters, the IOM flag flies where the old US military your US American flag was set by Oh M. The IOM is the International Organization for Migration. You’ll see their tote bags and airports all the time. They’re either blue and white, or white and blue, it’ll say IOM or Oh, I m depending on the language. So that’s part of the UN. They’re a multibillion dollar racket, run by a lady named Amy Pope. She’s now the director. She’s American. She was installed maybe almost five months ago now. And she brags that the United States is the biggest funder of IOM. Now there’s many others such as Catholic Charities, and so many other one of them that I’ve been hitting on for the last two weeks is highest. And actually I’ve mentioned it for years but but I really started hitting on it recently because highest that Hebrew immigrant Aid Society. Actually Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas, Alex Mayorkas used to be a board member on highest that’s important. So he was a board. He’s a he’s a Cuban refugee himself, of Jewish parents and highest is obviously a Jewish organization. So it’s interesting because highest.org Thanks. Or let’s say congratulates Mayorkas for, you know, taking over Department of Homeland Security. Now, on April 18 of 2022. He flew down to Darien, Panama and for Blackhawks I was there I was waiting for him. In fact, he landed right in front of me. And he went into the camp called San Vincent a camp. That camp is about 40 yards away from the highest headquarters in Darien that I’m familiar with that headquarters because I almost rented it myself. And then highest got it out from under my feet. I was I wanted to rent it because it’s right next to that camp. But so Secretary Mayorkas came down there and expanded that camp. This is the camp that the Chinese mostly use as they’re using the campus actually, again, it’s an aggressive word, it’s more of a bus station now. So the Chinese as they emerge, and the Syrians and, and so many others, as they emerge from the Darien Gap, they come in there, they get on a shower, and they go to buses up on Highway One to the United States. Now, in October, there were only about 60 buses per day running. Now they’ve upped it to about 200. So that’s when I say that they’re you know, the the, the, you know, the the the flows are increasing. I’m saying that based on things like you know, more than tripling the number of buses, increasing the numbers and sizes of the camps. And also the camps are much more efficient. So whatever is happening in Texas, I can tell you the upstream is definitely increasing.
Mike Adams: But the bottom line is the American people realize increasingly that our own government is funding and organizing the invasion of the United States of America. And we are both hearing the word treason being used a lot more in the analysis and commentary of this. I mean, just like you said, Alexander, what other nation in the world would fund its own invasion and takeover?
Alexander Mercouris: Could I just quickly say I mean, funding illegal immigration into its own country? Most of all, I mean, it’s it was an odd is not I mean, that’s an understatement. I just can’t think of a word that would describe how absolutely bizarre this is. It is the government of the United States, undermining its own immigration laws.
Mike Adams: That’s right. That’s right. And it’s not like they are bringing the world’s best. No, they’re emptying the prisons, in in El Salvador, for example, or in Venezuela and sending us like MS 13 gang members, by the busload. And I interviewed one of the security personnel that that is on these buses. You know how Governor Abbott of Texas is actually sending some of these migrants to other cities to kind of share the burden and demonstrate what a problem this is. Well, I interviewed one of the security guards who was on those buses, and he speaks Spanish and he was able to overhear the plans of a lot of these people and they go to the blue cities, to join the criminal networks there to carry out crimes, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, and also to do looting, and theft and carjackings, and then when they get the money there, they will often go to red states to spend that money and not commit crimes because the red states will probably shoot them or shoot them. So, literally, they know that the blue sanctuary cities in particular are a free for all. I mean, did you I know you saw this, but they beat New York Police Department officers half to death the other day, and those illegals were just let out of jail with no bail. It’s infuriating to the NYPD.
Alexander Mercouris: How is this all justified? What What explanation does the United States government give for this? I mean, they must presumably give some explanation for what they’re doing. I mean, they must give some reason for what they’re doing.
Mike Adams: They say the border is secure. I mean, that’s, that’s bonker. It’s all it’s all covered. It’s all fine.
Alexander Mercouris: What about Kamala Harris isn’t she the border tzar? I mean, this is what been hearing in Europe, what’s become of her? Is she doing anything?
Mike Adams: Does she know where the border is? Yeah, I’m not she know where the United States is?
Michael Yon: Yeah, I’m not sure if she would actually know on a map, where the United States is, I mean, obviously, these are an information. I’ve written three books on information war, by the way, unfortunately, it’s about about specifically about Chinese information war. Unfortunately, they’re all only in Japanese language, because I’ve been trying to wake up Japan for years. But what I’m getting to is, is information more is that that’s the highest form of warfare, obviously, all the kinetics and Navy SEAL movies. And that’s, that’s almost child’s level compared to information war, right. And what I’m getting to is Biden is what’s called a dog King. It’s an old term that was used, you know, when there was wars between kings, and you know, Norwegian and Swedish, you run off or kill another king, and you make an actual dog into a king, right? You give them a crown and a throne and translator and, and then, you know, they tell the people, that’s your king, and they’re like, well, that’s a dog like, well, it’s your king, right? So demoralizes the people and it also emboldened your enemies, right? That’s what Biden is. That’s what Trudeau is. These are dog kings. Zelensky. He’s a dog King, right. And so this is obviously in service to something much larger. A lot of this is about trade routes and energy and, and food, you know, like the very idiotic Ukraine war. It’s not idiotic, if you want to actually cause mass famines, eventually, it’s actually quite smart. If you want to do that. A lot of the things that are going on right now, actually are on they’re part of a much larger global plan, for instance, the genocide unfolding now, in Gaza. This is all much this is all part of a much larger plan as the invasion of the United States by the United States, Europe as well.
Alexander Mercouris: Right. So this is we see that the administration is busy undermining the laws of the United States by arranging this mass of illegal immigration, what is Texas doing? What is Texas trying to do? And Texas is only one state. But let’s specifically talk about Texas, what is this thing that Texas is trying to do, which the administration in Washington is so unhappy about?
Mike Adams: Well, in my opinion, Alexander, Texas is laying the legal groundwork for the possibility of secession. I’m not saying it’s going to go there. But if it does, Governor Abbott has already cited sections of the Constitution, such as article four, section four that specifically require the federal government to protect the states from invasion. So he and of course, the Ag of Texas, Ken Paxton, who is an extraordinary man, they tried to get rid of him with an impeachment, half a year ago or so. But he survived that. And I think he would make a great Ag in the Trump administration, by the way, I’m just saying, but Abbott and Paxton are laying the groundwork for the legal justification to do what they need to do, because we’ve even seen by the way, the Border Patrol union, and border patrol as a federal agency, but the union saying our members will not put back up the barbed wire, or I’m sorry, they will not take down the barbed wire, and let illegal immigrants come through that we also will defend our borders. So what’s pivotal right now that has never happened in American history that I’m aware of is the fact that we now have one state telling the federal government, we will not abide by your unconstitutional Supreme Court decision and your unconstitutional policies. We will protect our border and then to have 25 Other states stand with Texas. That has never happened before in years past, everybody would have folded by now. But something has changed. And it’s that the American people are fed up. They they see the depth of the invasion that’s happening. And they are demanding that their lawmakers and their governors, and in some cases, they’re mayors of their cities, do something to protect our borders, and even Democrats are getting on board with this because the problem is so bad in New York City and Denver, Chicago and other Democrat run cities.
Alexander Mercouris: Can you speak a bit about what the internal effect of all this massive immigration is in the United States? I mean, you mentioned the violent crime. The fact that the Blue State Blue cities are becoming The sanctuary cities for criminals. But can you give some descriptions of what is what has been doing to Texas itself? And can I just make one point because of course, Texas is one state in the union. So it can protect its border, its external border, really can’t control its internal borders. So if people that presumably are able to enter the United States in other places and trench in Canada, for example, they can still go to Texas, because there’s no internal restrictions that I’m aware of within the United States, you can travel from one part of the United States to another.
Mike Adams: You’re correct. You’re correct. Michael, I don’t know what you would say. But I would say crime is probably just the biggest factor that’s hitting everybody.
Michael Yon: Eventually, it’s clear, we’ll go into civil war. That’s why I returned to the United States and in 2020, because I could sense wars, what I do, I mean, you know, and I had been overseas most of my life, actually, I’m American, born and raised in America. But I’ve spent most of my life downrange and about 100 other countries, right. So when when I saw how things were unfolding, after I got kicked out of Hong Kong, you know, I went to Thailand and watch this COVID thing unfold. And then I could sense the United States is going into civil war. That’s why I returned, and I specifically said, I think it was August 2020, I returned to the United States, and you came to Texas, I came to Texas, and I went straight to Portland first, because I went to out with the Antifa clowns, just to get a sense of who they are, and that sort of thing. And then I came to Texas, and you know, and a lot of people were like, wow, you’re going to Texas must be safe. And I’m like, people who’ve known me for many years know that if I show up to your door, that’s like death knocking on your door. You know, if I’m seriously when I went to Ukraine, or not Ukraine, when I went to Lithuania and whatnot. I went there because I love Texas. I mean, I mean, this is my people, really, I mean, I’m from Florida, but we’re the I’m Scott Irishman. And, and, and so this is my kind of people, it’s like redneck a Stan, you might say, right, and so and so. And, and but the bottom line is, is we are clearly going into civil war.
Mike Adams: You know, Texas can assert control over its own state borders, by the way, in a civil war scenario. And it is prepared to do that. It’s not that difficult to lock down the interstates, by the way, it’s not that difficult to control the flow of goods in and out of a state. Texas has very dedicated law enforcement, Highway Patrol, you know, state guard, and also Texas has the most veterans and former law enforcement of any state in the union. Texas has the highest gun ownership. I mean, this is America. I mean, we own more guns per capita than any country in the world. And Texas owns more guns per capita than any state in the union. There’s no lack of firearms and ammunition in Texas.
Michael Yon: How can I say one thing? I think I don’t want to see Texas split off, I don’t want to see California split off, I think we’re falling straight into their trap. I agree with you. I don’t want to see a secession in Governor Abbott of Texas, he’s clearly World Economic Forum, full stop. That’s the uniform he wears, he is not on our team, whatever he does, is not an A to our benefit, you know, busing people deeper into the blue states, you know, to show them, you know, which made a lot of my conservative friends very happy. I’m like, That’s a mistake. He’s injecting them deeper into our bloodstream while he clears the banks of the Rio Grande to bring more in app it and…
Mike Adams: I kind of liked the fact that he’s sending them to other cities temporarily. I mean, I’m like, Hey, share the pain a little bit the show these people. I mean, there’s borders.
Michael Yon: I like that on one emotional levels. But as somebody that doesn’t want the United States to be, there’s a reason why I go to San Francisco so often, because I think that eventually is where CCP would like to make a sort of a headquarter city in the United States. Yeah. And you know, and look what happened. She came over and he landed in San Francisco didn’t even bother with with going to Washington. I mean, it’s very clear some of this is not that complicated. If you just watch it seven days a week, like Rain Man, like I do here after here. You know, yeah.
Alexander Mercouris: You’re gonna have huge numbers, you already have huge numbers, millions of illegal people moving floating around the United States. That is not a sustainable situation. Are there any plans to make them legal? In other words, to give them US citizenship?
Michael Yon: Well, yeah, I mean, that’s what they’re doing. I mean, we already have them joining the military joining police forces. We already we have people with top secret clearances in an NSA and FBI and whatnot, that can barely speak English. I mean, it’s just over that. We are we literally have cancer as a nation at this point. We have cancer and we are clearly going into civil war. It’s, you know, amateurs always talking about sparks, as you know, right? But it’s about can visions, and right now. I call it the beast. The beast is actually an amalgam of different players World Economic Forum is actually an amalgam but as a as a catch all they have, obviously, a cooperate quite closely with the Chinese Communist Party. But go ahead, sir.
Mike Adams: Well, I just want to add that the Democrats want to give the illegals a pathway to citizenship, because they think that will benefit them politically, with with the votes. Trump, his plan, as has been explained to me by law enforcement in Texas, is to deport millions of illegals. And in order to find them, they will do traffic enforcement. So they’re not going to go door to door kicking in doors, it’s not going to be a big civil rights violation. But if you’re stopped and a traffic violation, because by the way, illegals drive, like insane people. Because if an illegal is driving a vehicle in Texas and smashes into you, nothing happens to them, they have no driver’s license, no insurance, and the police will say there’s nothing we can do because the courts can’t handle it. You know, good luck. That’s it, your insurance is going to have to cover it. So they drive like insane maniacs, okay. It’s gonna be a simple matter for law enforcement to just start pulling over every person driving like that, and run, run their name. If they’re an illegal, turn them over to the Trump administration’s Border Patrol, and then boot them out of the country. That’s the plan. So Trump, the Trump administration can effectively remove millions of illegals from this country. But then again, an election has to happen. And that election has to be fair.
Alexander Mercouris: So yeah, we talk talking about elections. I mean, anybody who knows American history, as I once was educated in it, knows that the Democratic Party has a history of it was extremely successful. In the past, in in, in organizing immigration, the voting blocks out of immigrants who came from Europe. I mean, this is something they were doing in the late 19th, early 20th century, they did it very well. Is this the plan again, that you know, you, the Democratic Party, trying to get create electoral blocks out of these be from these people?
Mike Adams:  Yeah, my understanding was the plan was they were going to try to ram through Congress this year amnesty for 10s of millions of illegals, and give them voting rights. That plan is dead. Now, I think because of this border Bill fiasco that just failed. But there’s buzz that Joe Biden may try to do that via executive order before election day, I think that would fail. I think it would be overturned by the Supreme Court very quickly, but they may try that out of desperation. Nevertheless, what Michael said about demographic warfare is true. In the long run, if you don’t stop the illegal open border, you end up getting overrun just demographically. And I do want to say by the way, I’m married to an immigrant, okay, from from Taiwan. And many of my friends and co workers here in Texas are Hispanics and Latino Americans. And they agree with me on these points. Understand that black Americans and Latino Americans, Asian Americans all want a secure border. This is not a white thing, or a redneck thing. This is an American thing. Everybody in America now wants to control the border. They’re not anti immigration, but they want a controlled system that starts with zero illegals, let’s let’s start there, and then decide who we want to let in and why.
Alexander Mercouris: Which is immigration control has been something that the United States has practice for much of its history. I mean, it was very strict to my knowledge until quite recently. I mean, clearly something has radically changed. And it clearly is connected with the with the political situation. Can I just ask, going back to the question of the states that you mentioned, the 25 states that are supporting Texas? Does that include the other border states on the southern border?
Mike Adams:  Well, it doesn’t include Arizona because of what happened with the rigged election there.
Michael Yon: Yeah, I was there for that. Yes. And the two polling stations I went to the machines didn’t work. I only went to two and both of them. They didn’t work.
Mike Adams:  And it doesn’t include New Mexico either, because that tends to be controlled by Democrats, doesn’t include California. It does include, of course, Florida. But the point is what we say here in Texas is that now every state is a border state. And that’s true because the effects and the cost burden and law enforcement burden of illegal immigration is is affecting every single state in the union. I was talking with law enforcement the other day in a local county said our jail is full. We could arrest a lot more illegals, but our jails are completely full and we can’t turn them over to Border Patrol because they won’t do anything with them. And this is how the federal policy is forcing the illegals to remain in play as locally functioning criminals carrying out whatever crimes they’re engaged in. A lot of it is trafficking a lot of, because fentanyl, human trafficking weapons trafficking all of it. This is a destabilization and demoralization operation against America, which, by the way, you know, you’re busy enough mentioned this, you know, decades ago. And as you recall, this was the old Soviet plan of how to destroy America from within. And it’s point by point. It’s all happening right now under Biden.
Alexander Mercouris: So Joe Biden is the President of the United States. Why did he instead of talking to Governor Abbott, trying to come to an agreement about finding means of controlling the border? Why did he go to the Supreme Court and get that order from the Supreme Supreme Court? Is it because he wanted to smash Texas?
Michael Yon: He’s a dog king Biden’s just dog king? He’s not. He’s a meat puppet. He’s obviously not the president, right? He’s just there. He’s a blob. I mean, so I mean, a lot of people constantly are blaming things on Biden or Obama. You know, I went to Obama’s school, elementary school twice in Jakarta, and Indonesia. I was there to counterterrorism school, actually, I took a break, and I went over to the school. And this place isn’t the nicest. It’s like the Hollywood of Jakarta. Look at it on Google Earth. Look at Obama’s, the guy came from, like, it’s nothing but big compounds and swimming pools. You know, he acts like, you know, he was a poor black child. You know, I mean, these these people are, they’re not the cause. They’re not the causal agents. They are products of like URI BUZZA. He would have said it in black and white back in the black and red says this clearly, point by point, the information more is effective.
Mike Adams:  But I would add, there’s also an element of economic sabotage that Biden is committing against Texas, for example, he announced that because of climate concerns, they would be blocking LNG exports, which mostly affects Texas, okay. Now, think about this. I know you guys have covered this extensively, after the United States destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines, which devastated Europeans economy and Germany in particular. And then thinking about the nation of Qatar, even halting some of the LNG exports because of what’s happening with the Hutus and the Red Sea. And then on top of that, Biden as as a friend of Europe, than blocks more LNG licensed exports out of Texas, you know, look, Joe, this is my opinion, but Joe Biden, and the United States under his quote, leadership, has become the most devastating pro sabotage enemy of Europe. Not only not only Texas, but Western Europe as well attack NATO. America is like the enemy of Europe and Germany at this point, trying it looks like you know, the old strategy of keeping Russia and Germany separate.
Michael Yon: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And that was Nord Stream, right? Destroy the energy supply for German. That’s why I kept dependent on America. Yeah. And they cut off the LNG exports out of Texas last year. I was in Netherlands in March, you know, for the election there. And I went to Groningen though the gas fields, right. And because, you know, I thought, well, they’re gonna probably shut this one too. And they did. I think I came on your show said, saying I just got back from gardening. And I think there and now they’ve shut that. That’s the biggest gas field in Europe. Europe has all the energy it needs. It just refuses to tap into it.
Mike Adams:  Anyway, don’t get us going. We’ll go for hours.
Alexander Mercouris: Which which would be wonderful, by the way, but we don’t have hours. I mean, going to the Supreme Court seems to me an astonishing thing to do. I mean, the previous civil war that the United States had the one in the 1860s was largely because of a decision of the Supreme Court to have a Dred Scott and all that. I mean, surely you would not want to involve the Supreme Court and get decisions in the Supreme Court. If you really wanted to find a way out of this problem in a civil and peaceful way. So I come back, why did he go? Why did they go to the Supreme Court? Is it because they wanted a crisis?
Mike Adams:  I can’t read his mind to answer that question, Alexander. But I would say that that decision by the Supreme Court has drastically reduced the perception of the authority of SCOTUS because its only job is to interpret and, in essence, set up a framework for the enforcement of the Constitution. There is no better example than article four, section four, which specifically states that this the states have to be protected against the division. So when the Supreme Court violates that so blatantly, so directly, even though I know is a temporary decision, that that’s not a permanent decision, but it still shows the rest of the states why they may need to be on the path of thinking about creating their own new elections, their own president their own Supreme Court, and breaking apart and again, I don’t wish for that, okay, America is weaker if it’s broken apart. And I think what Michael said is accurate. I think that’s part of the plan is to cause America to break up the balkanization of the United States. And we might end up living in the Republic of Texas, which would probably be an economic, you know, Golden Age miracle, by the way, because Texas has everything. But I don’t want to see the nation broken up either.
Alexander Mercouris: I mean, how much support is the for tough action on the border? How how do people feel about Supreme Court decision? How do people feel about the behavior of the of the administration about the border?
Mike Adams:  Well, I mean, 19 out of 20 people don’t know the Supreme Court is even in existence… I mean, people aren’t tracking what’s going on most of the time.
Alexander Mercouris: Specifically, in Texas, how do people feel about this whole situation? I mean, they must be aware of these huge migrant flows, the fact that there’s all these people on the border? I mean, are they seeing opposition to this?
Mike Adams:  Yeah, day to day people. They, they, they’re aware of the influx, they’re aware of the rising crime, and they want it to stop. But you know, it’s very few people, you know, where you are, and where we are, who are actually paying attention to the details of what’s going on behind the scenes. And the warning signs are very alarming right now of how this could escalate. You know, Biden needs to back down from this invasion. I mean, your kids, How could our Congress not not impeach Mayorkas the other day, he won’t, I mean, he was captured, our government has been captured. But this is the realization in Texas and across the union, is that our government is at war with us. And we the American people, we are the underclass now, and same thing is kind of true where you are, Alexander, the British are the underclass now, and the precious ones that get all the benefits and all all the accoutrements, those are the new illegals that sweep in and take over your cities and your educational institutions and your government. That’s what’s happening in America.
Michael Yon: If we split who gets the Navy, who gets the Air Force and in the nuclear weapons? I mean, this is there’s devil in the details, as they would say in Poland. Right. Well, yeah. And those are pretty big devils in the details.
Mike Adams:  Yeah. But I don’t want most of the woke Navy anyway. But Texas, Texas has its own massive military… So it’s gonna get interesting, guys. That’s for sure.
Alexander Mercouris: It’s gonna get very interesting. So we’ve had the vote today from the Senate. I mean, the Senate is happy to vote for $60 billion. For Ukraine, it seems at least 67 to 32 voted for it today. At least it’s a procedural vote, there might be lots of trade offs. We don’t know what Congress will do. But the administration is keen on spending $60 billion on the war in Ukraine, which is being lost. But they’re not prepared to spend money protecting the border of the United States, on the contrary, they’re funding the undermining of the border. And Congress doesn’t seem to be doing very much.
Mike Adams:  Well, I would say that bill is going to meet a lot more resistance in the house, that’s for sure. So it may not pass or it may pass in a lesser form. But you’re right, you make a really important point. Why is it that the United States government, the Congress is willing to spend taxpayer money to defend every other country’s border around the world but not our own? That’s a huge problem. And you’re right, the Ukraine war is lost. And of course, there’s rising discontent in America about the funding and providing of weapons to Israel, for the ongoing assault on civilians in Gaza, which has its own humanitarian and even genocidal concerns that have been heard by the ICJ. So why is America willing to destroy our the value of our own currency, keep printing money, spending money on other countries security, basically funding the entire Ukrainian government at this point, including all the pensions and all the salaries of all the Ukrainian government employees. But in America, we have homeless black veterans on the streets, while the illegals get $1,000 a month and free credits in New York City. I mean, it’s it’s infuriating, frankly, to be here and watch this happening.
Alexander Mercouris: I mean, $60 billion, could presumably secure the border.
Michael Yon: Absolutely. Actually, the best way to secure the border is to stop funding everybody who was invading it like absolute United Nations. Right, right. Because we are the ones invading our country, right. We’re the ones doing it.
Mike Adams:  I mean, the border wall estimates were around 20 billion just for a large completed wall. Yeah, with but you make a point, Michael, stop the incentives.
Michael Yon: You know, I want some of that wall between up and Belfast between the Protestants and Catholics. That’s some Well, that’s better than the Trump. Well, you’ve been to that wall. That’s unbelievable. I mean, there’s still something that well, no. I went to that wall about a year ago when I was I knew this was going to kick off this Ireland. So I went over there. And anyway, wow, it this is global. It’s even happening in Japan, right. A lot of Americans don’t believe the Japanese would let people in, but I assure you they are. And, and I worked with Japanese seven days a week, and it is coming.
Alexander Mercouris: Well, gentlemen, you’ve you’ve been very, very patient in answering my questions. And I really thank you. I now going to hand over to Alex, because I think we might have some questions from the viewers. If would you be able to?
Mike Adams:  Of course, we’re here as long as you need us.
Alex Christoforou: Okay. All right. Let’s go to a couple of questions from the viewers comments and questions. But he still says I pray for Americans to wake up peacefully take back their country. And then a DIA says immigrants doing to USA what Israel is doing to Palestine? I thought the USA is for those policies. Interesting comment there, Mama Alaska, says Alaskan communities are taken over by cartels.
Michael Yon: Can I just ask, can I ask a further question? Because I mean, one of the things that we’ve been hearing a lot about in in about El Salvador, for example, is that there’s been a dramatic fall in the crime rate that that the situation has been sorted. This is partly because a lot of those people who were carrying up crime in El Salvador, it’s not the president rounding them up and putting them in prison. But these people getting on the buses and going to the United States, just as I was just down in El Salvador, I would recommend El Salvador for vacation. Actually, I was just down there for a couple of weeks looking at the flows and, and actually, there’s Chinese information where they just built a giant library there seven floors, there was a Chinese communist party flag flying in downtown San Salvador in front of this giant lot. I was in the library. A whole afternoon, actually. It’s a brainwashing station.
Mike Adams:  But that’s an interesting theory, though, that, you know, a lot of these Central and South American countries are taking their worst criminal elements and just pushing…
Michael Yon: Oh, for sure. Venezuela straight up. Yeah. Like when I’m down in Darien Gap, you’ll see tattoos that you’ve seen, you know, some of the videos I’ve seen. Yeah. You know, tat AK-47, next to the eye, that sort of thing. I mean, true gangsters. And there’s those and then there’s a tremendous amount of Hezbollah, for instance, in in, in Venezuela specifically. Interestingly, there’s a place in Lebanon, there’s a there’s a town there where the main language is Spanish. A lot of people don’t realize this. There’s a lot of what I call Mehta structures that I see around the world, which is like, for instance, I was just out with some Mennonites over in Belize yesterday. And so there’s Mennonites everywhere. There’s Amish everywhere they send us more Mennonites, we love them, and it makes them more Mennonites. Like come on, man. I couldn’t believe the the incredible quality of their ice cream. Yes, the Mennonites know how to get things done. I mean, they had good beef and everything. But you see that these but interestingly, there’s a lot of Hezbollah in Venezuela. And highest the Hebrew immigrant Aid Society is one is a major funder of bringing in Hezbollah into the you can’t make up the stuff, right? And then they’re very clear about Iranians can fly to Venezuela today. And they are and getting brand new passports and they come to the Darien Gap. Right. And also, of course, the very close relationship with Russia and China, of course, and there’s a war probably will kick off soon with Quiana.
Mike Adams: But one of the concerns in America is that a lot of these people that are coming from, let’s say Iran, or maybe Hezbollah coming in, who are utterly incensed about American support for Israel’s actions in Gaza, that some of those people and I’m not trying to disparage all, you know, people of Lebanese descent or Iranian descent I mean, most people are peaceful everywhere around the world, but there may be a few people that it’s a tipping point for them and that they could activate in the United States and begin to want to carry out you know, horrendous acts maybe of sabotage or or mass killings as revenge against what America is doing with Israel against the people of palace But I mean, that’s that’s not out of the bounds of what could happen. That that’s a very real concern.
Alex Christoforou: Let’s get some more questions. Taylor, thank you for that. Super Chat. Mama Alaska says Senator Durbin and Duckworth bill for illegal aliens serve in the military and police is extremely concerning, because they aren’t constrained by the US Constitution. It could be turned upon us citizens. Is my concern valid?
Mike Adams: Yes, yes. And also they are those illegals that are being recruited into the military, which is happening right now. And they’re being offered citizenship as a reward after a certain number of years of service. They don’t have anything at stake in America, there, they would be more willing to turn against the American people, because it’s not their families. It’s not their communities, they didn’t grow up here. So that is a very, very treacherous development…
Michael Yon: Clear and obvious future death squads. I mean, in the paradigm that I always work on developing a paradigm that’s predictive and leaves me not surprised. That’s why I spent so much time we were talking about Nord Stream before it bubbled talking about groaning in before it got shut. And talking about death squads before they’re unleashed. It’s common. I mean, again, war is my business. And business, unfortunately, is good. And this is clear what’s happening here is happening in many other countries through space and time and it’s unfolding again.
Alex Christoforou: All right, from CIA torture camp is if there would be a civil war, who are the opposing factions in which one would control the NSA domestic spying machine?
Mike Adams: Well, that the NSA would be controlled by the the Biden regime, the Biden’s the Obamas. Yeah, clearly, the it would be Texas in the other states, if this were to happen, I hope it doesn’t. But it’d be Texas in the other states, declaring their independence, probably borrowing language, from the Declaration of Independence, actually, long train of abuses and so on. And then they would have to form their own new government and assert that government against a federal government that would no doubt unleash the military to try to prevent that from happening again, let’s pray that doesn’t happen. But that’s where things are headed.
Michael Yon: It’s clear, by the way, not a single one of our flag officers, generals and admirals, who are currently in uniform have stood up on the border, not a single one, right.
Mike Adams: They’re all in on the invasion.
Alex Christoforou: Lady Morales says we Texans very much are aware of what’s going on. This is horrible what’s happening with the border. He still says they want us to accept police, Robo dogs to fight crime, police and FBI agents have kids that will grow up and someday go to a protest, then get shot by robot dog how sad and ironic at the same time.
Mike Adams: Well, it’s only a matter of time. I mean, I’m actually working on an AI large language model project. Right now I’m doing a lot of tech study in the in the realm of AI, it’s very clear to me that as soon as they have more capable AI behavioral models, which are called large behavioral models, they will install those into the first robotic dogs and then humanoid robotic systems. And those will be first purchased for military use, and also security use. Because it’ll be quite expensive at first, but you will have humanoid robots all over society within 10 years. And then of course, like Amazon will use them to replace the workers in the fulfillment centers. They’ll be replacing workers in hospital and healthcare settings, but security will be one of their key functions. And what concerns me is that they will be given the power to carry and deploy weapons and to make decisions about whom to use them against. So yeah, the the Terminator apocalypse is actually going to happen.
Alex Christoforou:  I think that’s super sticker. Patty Patsy, thank you for that. super chats. Tsushin thing for super chats. John Roberts says I was born in Chicago and I live in Oregon, my father’s great grandfather was in US grads army in the Civil War. If Texas succeeds, I would fully support Texas Biden border policy is anti American.
Mike Adams: If Texas secedes, there’d be a lot of Americans that move to Texas. And if Texas were to survive the secession, it would be an economically abundant new nation. Again, I’m not hoping for this just to be clear, I don’t want to see the United States broken apart. I’d rather see Trump get in and keep it together and enforce the border. And let’s remain America, but if that doesn’t happen, you definitely want to be in Texas, because I’m in Texas has everything’s got tech food, it’s got ports, it’s got energy, it’s got guns, I mean, what’s not like, I mean, maybe a gold backed currency on top of that, you know, Texas is going to be the place to be…
Michael Yon: That’s also why I moved to Texas, not for safety. This is clearly a future battleground like kinetic Yes, I want to be right there on the front lines of it. I mean, the war correspondent that’d be down in the jungles of Ghana or someplace. If I wanted to avoid all this.
Alex Christoforou: Ralph says Mike, Texas, we are all immigrants in the United States except the Native Americans.
Mike Adams: Yeah, well, we’re not we’re not anti immigrant. We’ve We’ve been very clear about that. We welcome immigrants who want to contribute to America and want to come in legally. And like I said, I’m married to an immigrant and my ancestors are Native American, by the way, so you don’t have to lecture me on that. Whoever that comment there is. We get it.
Alex Christoforou: And one more final, Super Chat comment from brilla hom, Mike, Mike Yan seems like a good chat. If you have a night at the bar half bottom. Need to Know back and forth conversation with people hosting you a good chat. Yeah, I think I think it’s a lot more interesting than just having a chat at a bar. Actually, I would love to have you around and talk about many things, Mike, because I’m sure you can tell me lots of things about what what had been going on in the world. There’s one last question I would like to put actually, because we’ve talked about a crisis in the United States, and somebody just mentioned, the fact that their ancestor served in Ulysses Grant’s army. What did I know of the US military, which isn’t particularly extensive, but it has struck me that a lot of people who serve in the military in the United States today, I’m talking about the rank and file are people who come from the south southerners seem to be very, very heavily represented. That’s true US military. So I mean, would that be a conflict of loyalties? If we were to start to get the kind of crisis that you were speaking of?
Michael Yon: Well, absolutely. I mean, this is, like we just mentioned, he’s got Irish that which is exact culture. But there’s been an effort to try to purge the Americans out of the military, right, or the American spirit out of the military. Yeah. But even we saw Border Patrol employees would not remove the wire. I mean, there’s gonna be a lot of people saying no.
Alex Christoforou: Well, isn’t there at least a possibility that the United States government might find if it starts to take enforcement action, that is the spear that it uses breaks in its hand, in the sense that already we’re hearing the people in Texas, you’ve talked about the people who are, you know, on the border, who excellent job it is to control the border, they are not happy about implementing these policies?
Mike Adams: Well, this is what comes down to information warfare, like Michael said, That’s the highest form of warfare. And part of information warfare is always playing the victim. And you’ve seen this with what NATO has done with Ukraine, as to how they’ve always played the victim, and it’s Russia’s war of aggression. So they’re gonna use the same framework to try to blame taxes and blame Trump supporters and blame gun owners. I don’t know how that’s gonna look, maybe some false flag operation or something stage who knows. But information warfare is what’s going to drive this and you know, that the Biden administration will always claim to be the victim even, even somehow, they they’re the victims of the Palestinians. You know what I mean? Like, it’s somehow they they put that framework out there. And while they’re continuing to drop 2000 pound bombs on hospitals, it’s like, but were the victims. You know, it’s it’s insane.
Alex Christoforou: Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you very much. And thank you very, very much, gentlemen. That is very nice. Mike And Michael’s information in the description box down below. I will also add that information as a pinned comment as well when the video concludes, Alexander Mike Michael, to all our moderators at everyone that was watching us on this live stream. Thank you very much, gentlemen. Take care.
Both such a great honor after watching your show so much love your shows. Great to have you guys.
Take care. Bye.
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