The Silent War ~ Episode 6352.

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In this episode of The Silent War:
🔹 Desperate for Weapons of Mass Distraction – Elon Musk, controlled asset hero, unbans Alex Jones, limited hangout “neverjew” shill – “When the people need a hero, we shall provide him” – Albert Pike, 33rd Freemason/Satanist.
🔹 Offend the Jews? Harvard’s under investigation… people will get fired. Demand calls for white genocide?
🔹 That’s ok! Who REALLY has all the power? We all can see it now.
🔹 An American Youtuber has been imprisoned for 5 years, and allegedly tortured by the jewish Ukrainian Regime for producing videos.
🔹 Narrative Power Collapsing: 1-In-5 Young Americans Say Holocaust Was A Myth, Twice As Many Democrats As Republicans.
🔹 Starlinks fallen star symbolism. What kinda “stars” are we talking about here, exactly?!
🔹 Mob of 15 black teens beat white teen and fracture his skull on pavement in Florida.
🔹 Claim: Israelis Killed Palestinian Women, Kids, Babies ‘Execution-Style’.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 23:05]
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