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CLIMATE INSANITY: Geoengineering scheme launched to DIM the sun, POLLUTE the skies and FREEZE Earth’s oceans.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
37:27 Good News
38:58 Mass LOOTING
39:40 Bizarre Story
– Startup called “Make Sunsets” has begun geoengineering / terraforming on Earth
– Virtue signaling corporations pay the company to POLLUTE the skies and earn “cooling credits”
– Company releases sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere to block the sun
– CEO admits he’s running a “cult” rooted in climate change nonsense
– Like a comic book villain, the CEO’s name is “Iseman” (Iceman)
– Goal is to lower temperatures and push Earth into new ICE AGE
– Climate cultists despise liquid water, warmth, sunlight, green plants, rainfall and oceans
– They demand frozen ice, dead rainforests, darkness, coldness and destruction of marine habitats
– Global DIMMING of the sun is the goal, MIT admits it’s modeled after a catastrophic volcanic eruption
– Mt. Tambora erupted in 1815, caused worldwide famine and crop failures, a “year without summer”
– Roomba robots take pictures of homeowners on toilets, then share with people in other countries
– 10 wild predictions from Russia’s Medvedev about USA civil war, EU collapse and BRICS nations
– Oblivious mainstream people don’t even know what archaeology is 47:35 Predictions by Dmitry Medvedev
“Situation” Update, Reports
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Health Ranger Report
[Duration  15:50] “Mass LOOTING in Buffalo, NY a sign of lawlessness to come in 2023”.
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