Situation Update ~ 12/23.

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Mass chicken culling based on “influenza” excuse just another attack on the Food Supply.
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Mike Adams.
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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.
– Breaking down the total junk science fraud of the claim that unvaxxed are “bad drivers”.
– Almost HALF the people involved in “car accidents” were unvaxxed PEDESTRIANS or passengers!
– Canadian government uses Santa Claus psyop to terrorize children if they aren’t vaccinated.
– Egg prices set to explode yet again as mass culling of chickens accelerates.
– WSJ admits that a single “positive” influenza test (PCR fraud) results in mass culling.
– After millions of chickens are killed, USDA announces “millions dead from outbreak”.
– The chickens are all vaccinated, too, so how are they getting sick if vaccines work?
– If “wild birds” are making chickens sick, why aren’t my own chickens dying constantly from sickness?
– It’s all a coordinated attack on the food supply to create scarcity and food #inflation.
– Coal is now the top energy source in the world.
“Situation” Update, Reports [Duration  55:07]
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