Situation Update & Conversations ~ 12/12.

Why did Biden really release a notorious international arms dealer?
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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2:35 12 Prediction
22:20 News Headlines
55:05 Jeremy Cordon
– Vaccine deaths accelerate, with 26%+ excess mortality and rising.
– Live births falling in high-vax nations as babies aren’t surviving gestation.
– BASF announces PERMANENT shut down of European operations.
– Deindustrialization of Europe will accelerate; collapse now unstoppable.
– Crop failures and food scarcity to worsen significantly in 2023.
– Global push for digital money, CBDCs – financial tyranny on steroids.
– Globalists will crash fiat currency and food supply, then pose as saviors.
– Global populist revolts against government corruption and tyranny.
– Blackrock warns central banks cannot stop the coming market implosion.
– The era of easy money and easy stock gains is OVER.
– Either path chosen by Central Banks leads to CATASTROPHE.
– Humanity to lose between 1 – 4 billion people by 2033.
– mRNA jab warning – they may “sterilize an entire generation” #depopulation.
– You can survive it all, with knowledge and preparedness.
– Interview with Goldback founder, physical currency infused with atomic gold.
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Health Ranger Conversations
[Duration  46:27] “Interview with Jeremy Cordon, founder of Goldbacks – currency with atomic GOLD infused within”.
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