Situation Update & Conversations ~ 12/09.

Why did Biden really release a notorious international arms dealer?
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
1:00 International Arms Dealer
8:20 Power Grid Sabotage
18:35 Cash Limits
26:55 Other News
– Nigeria forces limits on cash withdrawals from ATMs to push digital currency.
– Brittney Griner prisoner swapped for “merchant of death” arms dealer.
– Biden needs an arms dealer to sell weapons sent to Ukraine.
– Weapons will be traded for cash, with kickbacks to the Biden regime.
– Funding Ukraine is just another money laundering operation for corrupt Dems.
– Power sabotage attacks expand into Oregon.
– Power grid sabotage may have been carried out by CCP agents in the USA.
– Hertz car rental company calls police on its own rental customers, has them charged with auto theft.
– Ford tells customers of EV F-150 trucks to avoid using heaters in the winter.
– Used car prices are collapsing.
– 270,000 home owners who bought in 2022 are under water as housing prices fall.
– Vaccinated people are SHEDDING spike protein toxins onto the unvaccinated.
– Biden begins bailing out pension funds with $36 billion to the Teamsters.
– This is part of effort to stimulate the ZOMBIE economy and delay total financial collapse.
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[Duration  9:12] “2023 will be the YEAR OF LAYOFFS as millions lose their jobs”.
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