Situation Update & Conversations ~ 11/14.

Crypto 9/11 under way while Republican leaders stay SILENT about rigged elections.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
1:55 Breaking News
6:35 Elections
24:11 Dr. Pete Chambers
1:16:12 John Perez
– Why the FTX collapse is the “9/11 of crypto”.
– Regulators ready to HAMMER all crypto systems they don’t control.
– The 70% collapse in crypto value (so far) will accelerate to a 95% collapse.
– FTX was a digital slush fund to launder Ukraine money to Democrats.
– YouTube crypto influencers are about to be massively SUED by victims.
– Why the next global reserve currency will be backed by commodities.
– Why Republicans are more comfortable LOSING elections than winning.
– Why Democrats will stay in power until the total currency collapse.
– Interview with Dr. Pete Chambers, Green Beret and US Army Surgeon.
– Interview with John Perez, the “Crypto Nostradamus”.
“Situation” Update, Reports
[Duration  1:53:48] “Mike Adams is helping to
create a better world.”
Unfiltered, & Uncensored.
Health Ranger Conversations #1
[Duration  50:12] “Dr. Pete Chambers tells Mike Adams how local communities ORGANIZE for the coming chaos”
Health Ranger Conversations #2
[Duration  37:23] “John Perez (Crypto Nostradamus) reveals CRYPTO CRASH FALLOUT details and what’s coming next”
Health Ranger Conversations #3
[Duration  1:16:36] “Seth Holehouse and Mike Adams talk practical prepping and the growing threats to America”
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