Situation Update & Reports ~ 11/9.

Democrats DETHRONED… Three post-election PAYBACK strategies they will inflict upon America.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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– Despite all the obvious CHEATING by Dems, they will lose control of the House.
– This ends the monopoly of tyranny and will put a PAUSE on the Dems’ agenda.
– Fetterman “victory” was obviously RIGGED – he was installed just like Biden.
– Arizona voting machines sabotaged to hurt conservatives.
– Was Katie Hobbs involved in the AZ steal to make herself governor?
– Key victories include JD Vance (Senate), Rand Paul, Brian Kemp.
– Abbott and DeSantis win re-elections.
– Clean sweep for GOP in Florida, key seat in NY flipped away from Dems.
– Three post-election PREDICTIONS for Dem PAYBACK to punish Americans.
– Expect gas prices to skyrocket.
– Watch for stock market to CRATER this year.
– Dems are still in full control for next two months.
– Now the real “Dark Winter” begins for America.
Today’s Update [Duration  45:56]
Democrats STEAL another election. [Duration 13:20] Democrats STEAL another election, even as majority of Americans REJECT their failed policies
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Health Ranger Reports“Even as majority of Americans REJECT their failed policies.”
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