November 7 ~ Situation Update.

Biden regime to wage WAR OF TERROR against America as PUNISHMENT for voting red.
– Election chaos is being planned as Dems desperately try to STEAL again.

– They may steal in PLAIN SIGHT to provoke a conservative uprising.

– If GOP sweeps the House and Senate, Biden regime will unleash terror.

– Watch fuel prices skyrocket, more food infrastructure shutdowns.

– Biden promises to HALT all drilling, and END all coal.

– America will be plunged into a third world existence if Dems aren’t stopped.

– Emergency diesel fuel declarations have been issued in Nebraska and South Dakota.

– Americans are now SELLING THEIR BLOOD just to afford food.

– 5G “kill grid” dystopian towers popping up all across NYC.

– Water being siphoned out of aquifers for foreign-owned cattle ranches.

– Illinois Governor will FORCE all children to be injected.

– Elon Musk confirms Twitter employees were selling blue checkmarks for cash.

– Elon has all the evidence of COLLUSION / conspiracy for 2020 election fraud.

– Why Bob Moriarty says we are experiencing a global uprising against tyranny.

– Hedge fund giant warns of “global societal collapse”.

– Interview with Dr. Ed Group about synthetic parasites and how to clear them.

The Podcast [Duration  2:14:16]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
1:27 Breaking News
8:40 Election
55:16 Dr. Ed Group
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