October 31 ~ Situation Update.

The day that EUROPE DIED – BASF announces “permanent” output reductions.
– We begin a new round of $100K in donations to health freedom champions.

– Funds provided by Gary Heavin, who asked us to choose recipients.

– Met with Andy Wakefield on the set of his new movie coming in 2023.

– Diesel fuel supplies in the U.S. down to just a 15-day buffer.

– We won’t run out completely, but expect HUGE delays, disruptions and scarcity.

– Brazil election was likely RIGGED to defeat Bolsonaro.

– Paul Pelosi playing new game called rock, paper, scissors, HAMMER.

– Canada pushing CHILD EUTHANASIA without parental consent.

– Ukraine attacks Russian naval fleet with surface drones.

– Russia cancels grain export safe passage agreement.

– Ukraine calls for Putin to be banned from G20 summit.

– It’s all the US State Dept. running everything.

– Protesters rise up in Prague, demanding diplomacy with Russia.

– It’s just the beginning of mass protests across Europe this winter.

– Interview with Ty and Charlene Bollinger.

The Podcast [Duration  1:30:56]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
Topics by Secment

0:00 Diesel Shortage
9:40 Food Scarcity
12:30 Election News
30:23 Depopulation
37:45 Ty and Charlene Bollinger
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