October 14 ~ Situation Update

BARGE-POCALYPSE unfolding as grain and coal transport rivers DRY UP.
– River barges are RUNNING DRY due to engineered drought.

– Farmers forced to dump beans and grains on the side of river.

– Barges move more grain and coal than any other form of transport.

– Barge logjams increasing, and barge transport prices are surging.

– Inflation numbers hit highest in 40 years.

– Joe Biden “owned” by Broccoli as vegetables show 40% inflation spike.

– Biden tries to pressure Saudi Arabia, gets cold-cocked with oil reductions.

– White House officially pursuing geoengineering to dim the sun.

– Globalists now at war with all THREE components of photosynthesis: Sunlight, CO2 and water.

– AOC mocked by her own supporters for becoming pro-war shill for the establishment.

– PayPal has NOT revoked its fining of users for posting “misinformation”.

– Poland suspends air quality rules so citizens can BURN TRASH for heat.

– Germany is burning 800 million covid masks for heat.

– NHS declares it’s running out of blood … just 3 days of blood left.

– German official claims all who protest energy prices are fascist enemies of state.

The Podcast [Duration  2:03:23]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
3:35 Saudi Arabia
12:15 Barge Crisis
25:20 Weather Control
31:45 Brighteon.com Update
41:55 Lies & Liars
49:23 Jonathan Rawles of SurvivalRealty.com
1:39:40 Relocation
1:42:27 Europe
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