Sep. 21 ~ Situation Update

Plum Island tick-based bioweapons: USDA and DoD secret research programs for mass EXTERMINATION.
– Secret bioweapons research was conducted at the Plum Island facility decades ago.
– It involved the #USDA , DoD and the CIA.
– They weaponized TICKS to be dropped onto cattle populations in Cuba and Russia.
– The goal was to wipe out the food supply of enemy nations, causing collapse.
– Now those same #bioweapons vectors have been turned against the American people.
– The DoD was behind covid. The USDA is dropping “rabies vaccines” from helicopters in 13 states.
– The USA is waging a currency war with Europe and used #Ukraine as a proxy front.
– The engineered destruction of the Euro made investors flock to the US dollar.
– The strong dollar allowed the Fed to keep printing more currency
– Gold and #silver kept artificially cheap.
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The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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