Sep. 8 ~ Situation Update

Western Europe now facing “TOTAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE” – experts and analysts urgently sound the alarm
– Featuring “double David” interviews with David Morgan and David Dubyne.
– Dubyne predicts Western Europe faces “total collapse” from energy, industry and food shutdowns.
– Morgan warns about European banks cratering, causing global financial CONTAGION.
– Finland finance PhD Tuomas Melinen warns of “mayhem” and “collapse” of European economies.
– Says we are only WEEKS or MONTHS away from the collapse of Europe’s industrial base.
– Switzerland now IMPRISONING people who heat their homes or who boil water.
– Malinen warns all Europeans to stock up on cash, food, water and WOOD.
– Europe faces unprecedented banking crisis, food crisis, energy crisis and civil unrest.
Today’s Podcast [Duration  2:09:37]
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0:00 Intro
1:00 Collapse News
28:10 David Morgan Interview
1:02:50 David Dubyne Interview
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