Sep. 7 ~ Situation Update

Massive global shutdowns of METALS SMELTING operations for iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc and STEEL.
– Comprehensive list of metals smelting operation SHUTDOWNS
– Zinc, copper, aluminum, iron ore, steel and more
– Not enough lithium in the whole world for electric vehicles
– The metals that build civilization are being shut down like never before
– California power grid at the breaking point, blackouts imminent
– Wealthy elite loading up on #gold and #silver while prices are artificially suppressed
– Energy costs in Europe to hit 20% of household income
– Russia to legalize #crypto and #Bitcoin for international trade settlements
– Vegan restaurant starts selling MEAT to stay in business
– 70% of Woke White Women (WWW) took 3+ covid jabs – the most obedient of all
Today’s Podcast [Duration  1:47:46]
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Mike Adams.The Health Ranger,
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0:00 Insane News
6:45 Self Defense
13:40 California
15:20 Dr. Oz for Senate
19:12 UPS
36:50 Interview with Kristen Megan
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