Aug. 31 ~ Situation Update

MILLIONS of Americans to be EVICTED from their homes as economic collapse accelerates.
• Massive number of EVICTIONS coming as millions of Americans can’t pay rent due to skyrocketing costs of electricity, food and fuel.
• Condemnation for Gavin McInnes’ irresponsible, dangerous HOAX ARREST.
• Entire fleet of US Army Chinook helicopters GROUNDED over China-made O-rings.
• #Ukraine counteroffensive fizzles in mere hours.
• California pretends electricity can be generated with ZERO emissions.
• CDC admits spike protein persists in the body after the clot shots.
• Pfizer bans Whites and Asians (which includes Pakistanis, Indians) from fellowship program.
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Mike Adams.The Health Ranger,
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0:00 Intro
0:53 Alternative Media
17:30 Bill Halter
40:23 Judy Mikovits
1:21:40 California
1:24:55 Delusions
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