Aug. 24 ~ Situation Update

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Canada building INTERROGATION ROOMS to elicit “climate crimes” CONFESSIONS.
• Blueprints leaked to alt media, showing construction of armories and interrogation rooms.
• The “Ministry of Climate Change” will arrest, prosecute and interrogate people at will.
• In Canada, environmental crimes police need NO WARRANT to bust into your home.
• France is hiring 3,000 “green police” to terrorize citizens under environmental enforcement.
• Zoophiles want to add “Z” to LGBTQIA+ because they have intercourse with animals.
• All Americans ordered to leave Ukraine – wives and daughters now targets of war.
• Zinc, aluminum and copper smelters shutting down across Europe.
• Dan Bongino says taking the vaccine was “greatest mistake” of his life.
• Electric Hummer costs $100 to recharge. (and takes hours)
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