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In trying to defeat America, desperate dems hand VICTORY PATH to Trump.
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Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
4:15 Interview with Kevin Fretz
53:28 Solutions
1:16:29 Interview with Leo Hohmann
Interview about BLACK GOLD (compost) with Kevin Fretz of Patriot Green Products.
– Why it’s important to grow some portion of your own food.
– How to make COMPOST TEA to treat your gardens and farm food plots.
– Why the “soil food web” is critical to understand for home food production.
– Why many popular “compost” products are dirty and contaminated.
– Interview with author Leo Hohmann who is being targeted for DIGITAL BOOK BURNING by Amazon.
– His book “Stealth Invasion” was banned while Amazon happily promotes books on grooming and trans children.
– Discussion of off-grid backup solutions that will keep you alive while society collapses.
– Overview of survival / preparedness product solutions and discounts from various vendors.
– Free survival audio books that you can download today.
– Why the window of opportunity to convert dollars into real, usable assets is rapidly closing.
– The day is coming that we won’t be allowed to withdraw money from the banks
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