Situation Update ~ February 27th.

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EPA halts toxic chemical transport after huge public outcry.
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Mike Adams.
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6:35 South Africa
20:27 Plumbing Preparedness
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43:00 Health Issues
47:41 Depopulation
52:43 Covid
59:41 ARK Seed Kits founder
– EPA under fire for allowing toxic waste from Ohio to be transported to Texas.
– 3 years too late, Dept of Energy concludes #COVID came from a Wuhan lab leak.
– 3 fires at Mexican refinery were caused by SABOTAGE.
– Total infrastructure sabotage being carried out by the government.
– Why black ops teams say it’s better to BURN things down than BLOW them up.
– South Africa, run by “woke” racist anti-white idiots, collapses into chaos.
– Any society that teaches ethnic hatred will collapse.
– Globalists want blacks and whites to fight each other instead of teaming up against oppression.
– Scott Adams plays into the hands of globalists by calling for racial segregation.
– Use pro pex (expansion) plumbing parts to save a fortune and make repairs like a genius.
– Rubik’s Cube update with F2L progress.
– Why people who think they are a “success” on YouTube are in for a RUDE awakening.
– Rep. Paul Gosar correctly says Nuland and Blinken are racist, anti-Russian genocidal haters.
– New study finds Xylitol nasal spray HALTS covid infections. (I add iodine to my xylitol)
– Interview with founder of ARK seeds about growing food and saving seeds.
“Situation” Update, Podcast [Duration 1:35:29]
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