Situation Update & Report ~ 2/08.

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The State of the Union is DISMAL.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
7:00 State of the Union
29:10 Russia vs Poland
40:10 FBI
52:50 Climate Nonsense
– We have results of chicken feed lab testing.
– Update on the new studio.
– America is FAILING in so many areas: Economy, currency, human rights, health, civility, finance, national security, education, liberty, freedom, elections, rising WOKEISM and demonism, demographics and depopulation.
– Biden and the Democrats are DESTROYING America from top to bottom. (by design)
– The very same people who believe Biden also took the jab and will DIE EARLY.
– Women’s surfing to be taken over by biological males.
– 200% tariff on Russian aluminum will spike world’s aluminum prices and cause supply chain problems.
– Transmaxxing – How young males who can’t get laid are going TRANS for social acceptance.
– Pray for God to intervene in the Luciferian takeover of America.
“Situation” Update, Reports
[Duration  1:07:40] “Mike Adams is helping to
create a better world.”
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Health Ranger Report
[Duration  17:03]
“Here’s what happens when PEOPLE get DESPERATE”.
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