Situation Update ~ February 7th.

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0:00 Earthquakes
13:35 Crisis
19:45 Beyond Meat
28:15 Turkey
– Natural News announces large food donation for (mostly) hungry Americans.
– Globalists pushing bugs while claiming EGGS are bad for you.
– Are nations covering up vaccine deaths like they’re lying about jobs numbers?
– WHO pushing extreme censorship of anyone who tells the truth.
– Fake meat industry is collapsing: Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat both going down.
– In Austin, hundreds of local residents fight over dumpster food thrown out by grocery store.
– Massive earthquake in Turkey, thousands of buildings destroyed, thousands of deaths.
– We can’t control many disasters, but largest source of human suffering is bad government.
– Demonic Grammy’s performance sponsored by Pfizer.
– Spike protein found to cause ACCELERATED aging.
– Another vector of depopulation.
“Situation” Update, Podcast [Duration  44:29]
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