Situation Update ~ Januay 1st. 2023

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The YEAR OF CONTRACTION: Trends, predictions and warnings for what’s ahead.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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19:57 Food Crisis
25:45 Economy
40:14 Tyranny
– Generations of EXPANSION now turn to sudden CONTRACTION.
– Contraction trends include food supply, debt, energy, consumer demand, supply chains and wealth.
– Empires will contract; GDP will fall for many nations.
– Population contraction pushes into “decivilization” effects.
– Food #inflation will be 50% – 100% in 2023.
– Expect food riots, grocery thefts, flash mob shoplifters, armed guards.
– 2023 will see widespread homelessness and job layoffs.
– “Stuff” is about to become a whole lot more expensive.
– Huge wave of people moving out of homes and into RVs, campers or vans.
– Migration out of cities and into rural areas.
– Farming will remain viable if diesel, fertilizer and transportation all function.
– Expect global #fertilizer scarcity and sharply reduced food crop yields.
– Climate lockdowns will arrive, with some cities enforcing sector travel restrictions.
– Russia will lead a major offensive against Ukraine in the next 90 days.
– Civil unrest will spread around the world as populations freeze, starve and become homeless.
– Expect another pandemic to be released in 2023 to terrorize and control the population.
“Situation” Update, Reports [Duration  49:27]
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