The Silent War ~ Episode 6349.

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In this episode of The Silent War:
❎ ADL Panics Over Loss of Support from ‘Useful Idiot’ Zoomers.
❎ Mike Johnson Shills For Israel, Says ‘The Calls For A Ceasefire Are Outrageous’.
❎ FBI Director Chris Wray says the threat level against the U.S. has gone to “a whole other level since October 7th,” with most of them targeted at the Jewish community.
❎ ISRAEL posted this PR photo with a disabled elderly Gazan, Bashir Hajji (75), bragging about their “humanity.” Then, the ZIONIST TERRORISTS shot him twice in the head & back, leaving his body to rot.
❎ Fear mongering similar to Ukraine as Netanyahu’s ratings fall.
❎ 39 Incubator Babies Suffocated to Death by Jewish Bombs.
❎ Bigmouth “Judeo Christian” Pastor Greg Locke Demands WW3 to Appease Jews.
❎ Support For Israel Drops As 68% Of Americans Want Ceasefire, Negotiations.
❎ BBC Rips Apart IDF Propaganda: Reveals Israel has Tampered with Evide  Manipulated Video, Lied to Public and Provided No Evidence that al-Shifa Hospital was Command Center for Hamas.
❎ Israel Threatens: “What We Are Doing in Gaza, We Can Do In Beirut”.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 18:53]
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