The David Knight Show, Tuesday – 11/23/21

“FEMA Camp for Unvaxed / Mandatory Jabs or FINES / Global Totalitarianism.

NOW happening in Australia: concentration camps for those who test positive (because of 9 new cases) —  A report from the inside

Australian minister says YOU are an “anti-vaxer” even if you’ve taken the jab, if you criticize draconian measures & mandates. The disease is authoritarianism

Austria announced mandatory vaccination in 2 months, with $4,000 fine for those who do not comply

Military Industrial Complex pushes panic button again on China hypersonic missile to get funding for this “Sputnik moment”.  But China has had the ability to take out a carrier group for over a decade, analyst reports. 

Radical social engineering in “Build Back Better” bill — religious institutions will push LGBT on 3 & 4 yr olds or get preschool funding cut.  Will they serve God or Mammon?

Newsom extends “state of emergency” again and promptly leaves for Mexican vacation

UK health data says vaccinated are MORE likely to get infected and 4 times more likely to die

Mainstream media and government “experts” on push division within families for Thanksgiving

Will Rittenhouse’s former lawyer, Lin Wood, take millions in donated bail money as he said was his right in letter to judge? Kyle says he needs to hire security because of threats to his life

Alex Jones & Roger Stone told to appear before Jan6 Congressional hearing

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