The Silent War ~ Episode 6317.

100% Real News
Blackification of History, Paraguay Stops WEF Coup, Victories & WW3 Buildup.
In this episode of The Silent War:
• “Falsification Of History”: Egypt Goes Ballistic On Netflix Over Cleopatra’s Race.
• Utah Biotech Company Implants Brain Chips In 50 People To Cure Depression, Blindness, Paralysis.
• Man Convicted of Raping 7-Year-Old Girl to Be Sent to Women’s Prison After Changing Pronouns to She/Her Thanks to AG Garland’s Policies.
• Ireland Set to Pass “Hate Speech” Laws – Will Make Possessing “Hateful” Content on Your Devices a Jailable Offense – Elon Musk Weighs In.
• Second Largest US Bank Failure In History: First Republic Bank Seized By FDIC, Sold To JPMorgan.
• ‘Paraguay Has Triumphed, Jesus Has Triumphed’: Paraguayan Patriots Defeat WEF/CIA Election Coup.
• It’s Spreading: FOX News Primetime Ratings In COMPLETE COLLAPSE Following Tucker’s Exit.
• BREAKING: Far-Left Vice Preparing to File For Bankruptcy. (Buzzfeed went last month!)
• NOT MAKING HEADLINES: Pregnant North Carolina Woman Loses Unborn Child After Being Shot by Gang Member.
• Associated Press Poll Finds More Than Half of Americans Don’t Trust Media, Blame Press for Dividing the Country.
• FDA Approves First Oral Pill Made from Human Poop.
• US Allies Are Preparing for Possibility of War Over Taiwan.
• Newly Released Records Show That George Soros Is Even More Influential In American Politics Than You Think…
• Fox attempting to salvage its reputation by throwing us a bone – Jesse Watters: “It’s Never Been More Clear. Epstein Was an Intelligence Asset. Not Only Was He Working with the CIA, Israeli Intelligence, Maybe Even Russian.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 22:21]
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