3A) Survival Nutrition – Chapter 1

Survival Plus, Prepping and Much More
Survival Nutrition by Mike Adams – Chapter One
“Survival Nutrition”
Welcome to Survival Nutrition. I’ll be your
host, Mike Adams. I’m the author of Food Forensics and the owner of an ISO accredited forensic food laboratory. This course is all about how to use nutrition to stay alive as we experience this global reset, perhaps civil war — definitely riots in the streets — and all these crazy things that are happening right now.
This is being recorded in September of 2020. If you’re hearing this on a video website somewhere, feel free to download the entire audiobook for free at SurvivalNutrition.com. Also, I’ve got two other websites that may be of interest to you. I’ve published another nine-hour audiobook called the Global Reset Survival Guide. A free download of the entire audiobook is available at GlobalReset.news, plus a PDF transcript. A PDF transcript is also available for this course, Survival Nutrition, and you can get that download for free at SurvivalNutrition.com, if you don’t already have it. Finally, I have another website called PrepWithMike.com. Prep is short for preparedness, or prepare. PrepWithMike.com brings you videos, howto videos, especially about firearms, survival gear, demonstrations and solutions to help you stay alive during this very difficult time.
Most people know me as the Health Ranger, and my focus has been on health, nutrition, foods and superfoods for over 20 years now. With this course, Survival Nutrition, I’m finally getting a chance to put this to use in a way that can help people survive what’s coming, which includes extreme food shortages. Let’s just start out right up front here. What is this all about? What is Survival Nutrition? It’s a lot more than just food preparedness. Everybody knows to store some food. By the way, a lot of the food that people are storing is really toxic food, which we’ll talk about I think in chapter three or four.
This is about more than food. This is about how to strategically use certain foods, nutrients, remedies and even food-related chemicals and herbs to stay alive during a collapse or domestic war, a grid-down scenario. We’re talking about extended periods of collapse. This isn’t just about how to survive a threeday outage due to a hurricane, or how to survive a tornado, or how to survive a cold spell in the winter.
This is about how to survive the collapse of society — at least some temporary collapse, perhaps lasting months, but potentially even years. It turns out that in a collapse, your need for nutrition goes up. This is the key point that underlies this entire course.
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