Situation Update ~ February 17th.

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OPERATION CHAOS – Pattern of “accidents” points to deliberate sabotage by foreign actors.
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Mike Adams.
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0:00 Derailment Investigation
26:28 Brighteon Studio News
31:20 The Tipping Point
43:30 Other Topics
53:22 Survival
1:08:07 Sasha Latypova
– CONFIRMED: FBI is investigating origins of hazardous materials “accidents”.
– Another trail derailed near Detroit, with hazardous chemicals.
– Pattern of sabotage points to foreign actors / operatives.
– Most likely source is CCP, running “Operation Chaos” to cause DESTABILIZATION.
– “Softening up” the USA before Russia declares world war.
– Chaos designed to distract US govt. and split between two-front war.
– U.S. military munitions nearly wiped out due to Ukraine donations.
– China waiting for USA to be sufficiently weakened before launching attack.
– Bombshell interview with Sasha Latypova.
– Covid vaccines revealed as a DoD biological weapon.
– Pentagon waging a depopulation war against the American people.
“Situation” Update, Podcast [Duration  1:53:40]
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