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CWC Labs and Mike Adams will help analyze comet impact evidence tied to the fall of civilization 12,800 years ago – an interview with Dr. Malcolm LeCompte from Comet Research Group.
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Mike Adams.
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– While 2023 is the year of CONTRACTION for “stuff,” it’s also the year of EXPANSION of consciousness.
– The people are realizing it’s ALL theater: Currency, elections, vaccine “science,” censorship and more.
– Major French food company shutters 80% of production due to high energy prices.
– How will Europe produce food if electricity costs make manufacturing impossible?
– Amazon lays off 18,000 workers as mass tech layoffs begin.
– Sherri Tenpenny joining Brighteon.TV. (Monday evenings)
– Insanely bad math skills across younger Americans.
– 690 cars torched in France during New Year’s chaos.
– EcoHealth whistleblower says CIA ran gain-of-function intelligence operation for COVID.
– It’s raining microplastics in New Zealand.
– Tiny microplastics are INHALED by those who live in cities, entering organ and brain cells.
– Interview with Dr. Malcolm LeCompte on astrophysical / planetary science. (Comet Research Group)
– The comet impact theory in detail, 12,800 years ago.
– Meltglass, glass spherules, nanodiamonds, iridium platinum and impact elements.
– Adams offers laboratory microscopy and mass spec analysis to comet research group.
– The moon as an Earth defense launch base.
– How to save Earth from cosmic impacts that can destroy cities or civilizations.
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“Comet impact researcher Dr. Malcolm LeCompte talks astrophysical science with Mike Adams”.
The physical evidence
The physical evidence of the comet impact around 12,800 years ago includes specimens known as glass melt, nanodiamonds, glass spherules and traces of iridium and platinum — all found in sample cores drilled out of the Earth across multiple continents. This physical evidence has already been found and confirmed across several continents.

The physical evidence of the comet impact can be easily dated because it comes from a specific layer that can be carbon dated due to its organic matter. In addition, the extinction of many animal species is abundantly apparent at this layer because many species no longer appear above that layer (i.e. more recently in Earth’s history).

Desert glass specimens caused by meteorite impacts have been known by humans for thousands of years. One piece of yellow glass called “Libyan Desert Glass” is believed to have been incorporated into jewelry found in King Tut’s tomb. As reported in 2019:
“Both meteorite impacts and airbursts can cause melting,” lead author Aaron Cavosie, a geologist at Curtin University in Australia, said in a statement. “However, only meteorite impacts create shock waves that form high-pressure minerals, so finding evidence of former reidite confirms it was created as the result of a meteorite impact.”
How we are donating instrument time from our mass spec lab to help solve history’s mysteries.
In cooperation with several scientists working on this project, we will be donating microscopy services and mass spec instrument time to the Comet Research Group and its scientists, using our existing laboratory resources to help validate and document the physical evidence stemming from these historic impact events.
Our laboratory, CWC Labs, owns and operates multiple mass spec instruments, including two ICP-MS instruments for elemental analysis. With sensitivities well below 1 ppb for many elements (LoD is 0.4 ppb for Hg, for example), we are able to analyze samples with sufficient signal-to-noise ratios that can help quantify iridium, platinum, iron, cobalt and other elements found in core samples.
Because we are an ISO-accredited laboratory, our analysis reports are reliable and can be cited in scientific papers.
In addition, our microscopy capabilities are very advanced, allowing us to take in-focus, highly magnified photos through a range of z-axis depth that is usually not possible with traditional optical microscopes. (Depth of field limitations are severe at high magnification.) This will allow us to photograph surface features of microspherules and other comet impact artifacts with extreme detail, then share those photographs with the scientific community for analysis and interpretation.
Personally, I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to the investigations of comet impact events by using our existing laboratory resources, which are typically focused on food science analysis. Watch for more updates, videos and photos on all this in the weeks and months ahead. We anticipate being able to share some truly historic and visually striking photos at some point later this year.
Why does all this matter? Because we are living in a cosmic shooting gallery, and if we hope to protect Earth from hypervelocity impacts that can end civilization, we need to gain a better understanding of the impacts that already took place.
Full interview with Dr. Malcolm LeCompte.
The interview with Dr. LeCompte begins at 59 minutes and 42 seconds (59:42) in today’s Situation Update podcast.
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