The Silent War ~ Episode 6364.

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Silent War Ep. 6364: US Bombs Arabs Daily 4 Jews, NO Warrant Homeschool Raids, IRS Bust, Children Seized.
In this episode of The Silent War:
🔹 “No One’s Got To Me… I Ain’t Scared Of Sh!t” – NYC Trucker Boycott Leader ‘Chicago Ray’ Steps Down.
🔹 Indiana Couple Appeals to Supreme Court After Losing Custody for Not Using Transgender Son’s Preferred Pronouns.
🔹 US ‘Tiered’ Response Transitions to Daily Strikes in the Middle East.
🔹 Odysseus ALLEGEDLY Touches Down ON THE MOON (Complete lie!).
🔹 This Is Weird: City Officials Warn Residents in Elyria Township, Ohio to Stockpile Supplies and Stay at Home During the Total Solar Eclipse in April.
🔹 A Bridge Under Construction in the Darien Gap Will Soon Provide an ‘Easier and Less Dangerous’ Path to the United States: Congressional Candidate.
🔹 Michigan State Board Members Warn State Homeschool Registration List is a Precursor to “Unwarranted Home Entry”.
🔹 Flashback: World Economic Forum Predicted Major Cybersecurity Event in Near Future – Obama’s Dark Netflix Special Involved Weaponized Cyber Attack… And Today a Nationwide Cell Phone Outage?
🔹 Undercover Journalist Busts IRS: IRS Official: “No Problem Going After Small People, Destroying Lives” Use of AI “Unconstitutional.”
🔹 The Irish Should Reject The New ‘Hate Speech’ Bill.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 22:10]
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