The Silent War ~ Episode 6361.

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Civil War Setups, Freaky Eclipse, Censorship! Rebellions.
In this episode of The Silent War:
🔹 “It Must Be Stopped”: 12 Agriculture Officials Warn Largest U.S. Banks About Net Zero Agenda.
🔹 Ben Shapiro Mocks Christian Child, Rachel Corrie, Bulldozed by Jews in GAZA…
🔹 Numerous States Redefining Antisemitism to Censor Jew Criticism With Criminal Law.
🔹 Report: J6 Pipe Bomber Is a Government Official – FBI Had His License Plate Number but Refused to Interview Him.
🔹 Adult Son of Jewish Diplomat Accused of Deliberately Running Over Florida Police Officer — Lawyer Claims He Has ‘Diplomatic Immunity.’
🔹 32-Year-Old Pennsylvania Man Arrested for ALLEGEDLY Gruesome Beheading of Federal Employee Father and Posts Video of Decapitated Head Online — Calls for “Revolution” Against the “Biden Regime” – This is a setup.
🔹 French Farmers Tighten Their Grip on Paris, as Government Scrambles To Appease Them – Revolt Spreads to Belgium.
🔹 Montana Child Protective Services Medically Kidnapped Teen Girl to Wyoming for Gender Affirming Care, Fully Revokes Parental Custody.
🔹 Massive Fire Engulfs Feather Crest Farm Chicken Plant in Texas, Reportedly Following Large Explosion (VIDEO).
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 26:43]
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