The Silent War ~ Episode 6357.

100% Real News
Giants, Giant Problems, WW3 Update. Something Wicked This Way Comes..
In this episode of The Silent War:
🔹 US and UK Strike Dozens of Houthi Military targets in Yemen, further provoking the Arabic world into war.
🔹 Houthis Undeterred After US Coalition Pummels Over 60 Targets With Tomahawk Missiles, Airstrikes…
🔹 Once again, Video Shows IDF Shooting Unarmed, Loitering West Bank Palestinians, Killing One..
🔹 US Army Struggling To Recruit White Soldiers And The Reason Is Obvious.
🔹 ICJ hearing on ‘genocide’ case against Israel enters second day 01/12..
🔹 Anthony Fauci Finally Admits the Truth About Evidence Behind COVID Guidelines.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 26:41]
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