The Silent War ~ Episode 6281

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Satan 2 Hypersonic Nukes, Supreme Court Victories, Civilwar Brazil & More.
In this episode of The Silent War:
• Biden will ‘send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine’ in new $1.8BN military package to help make war against Russia.
• Kremlin Reacts To Patriot Missiles For Ukraine with talk of Hypersonic Nuclear “Satan II” Missiles.
• Biden Admin Used Taxpayer Money to Pay Foreign Reporters to ‘Promote Climate Alarmism Around the World’.
• Delaware Supreme Court Strikes Down Voting By Mail, And Same-Day Registration.
• Feds Prevent J-6 Political Prisoner Who Has been Locked up for 2 Years from Speaking with His Attorney and Planning His Defense.
• Florida Supreme Court Approves DeSantis’ Request to Impanel Grand Jury to Investigate Covid Vaccine Manufacturers.
• Sean Hannity Testifies He ‘Did Not Believe For One Second’ That the 2020 Election Was Stolen.
• DEVELOPING: Judge Releases Sam Bankman-Fried on $250 Million Bail.
• Flight Cancellations Surpass 2,000 As “Once-In-A-Generation” Winter Storm Batters US.
• McDonald’s Unveils Automated Restaurant In Texas With No Human Contact.
• BREAKING: Christmas Counter-Coup? Bolsonaro Signs Order to Sideline Corrupt Supreme Court.
• All of this, and more.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 20:31]
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