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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny joins Brighteon.TV with “The Tenpenny Files” broadcast, Mondays at 7 pm Eastern.
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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Dr. Tenpenny is a doctor of osteopathic medicine – what does that mean?
For her inaugural episode, Dr. Tenpenny kicked things off by explaining who she is as a doctor of osteopathic medicine, or a DO. Since many of the people who have listened to her over the years, including many of her supporters, are unfamiliar with what a DO is, she feels it is important to lay this groundwork for her viewers.
In short, a DO is like a medical doctor, or MD, but better. Osteopathic medicine was founded by a medical doctor named Andrew Taylor Still who in the late 1800s became disenfranchised with standard medical practice, which to this day has a “dark ages” mentality of what medicine actually is.
The Monday, February 13th Edition [Duration 53:05]
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The first episode of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s new show “The Tenpenny Files” aired live on Brighteon.TV this week – and it is now archived at for you to watch anytime at your convenience.
In this first show, Dr. Tenpenny introduced herself to new viewers who are unfamiliar with her background. She also recapped some of her most important work for familiar viewers, reintroducing them to the important work she continues to in support of health freedom.
Since 1996, Dr. Tenpenny has been running an integrative health clinic in Cleveland where she shares her expertise in vaccines and natural medicine with her patients. Once a week for one hour on Brighteon.TV, she plans to share her expertise with the world via a “classroom” format.
“I have a lot of other things I’d like to talk about,” Dr. Tenpenny says about the purpose of her new podcast show.
“So you’ll see this show as a classroom, an educational setting with a few slides for talking points and discussions about topics you may not have known much about, and will be valuable for your health – and all these things can be individualized and personalized as medical advice.”
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