As the dollar dies, so will the US military.

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As the dollar dies, so will the US military, Israel, Argentina and anyone else foolish enough to shackle their economic future to a collapsing currency.
11/27/2023 By Mike Adams
Last week, Maria Zeee interviewed me on the Alex Jones Show (see below), and I mentioned something that everyone seems to be missing in the current maelstrom of geopolitics: That as the dollar dies, so does any other nation depending on US currency creation. Given Israel’s heavy dependence on U.S. foreign air and the dollar funding of the U.S. Navy, when the dollar dies, Israel will face an existential threat of its own.
It is the careless creation of trillions of dollars in US currency that powers the Pentagon, after all. It also funds government propaganda ops like what we all suffered through during the COVID years when the CDC and FDA ran a coordinated psychological operation against us all, trying to convince the weak-minded that “emergency use” vaccines are safe and effective at preventing infections and halting transmission. We now know, of course, it was all an engineered lie.
But it was a lie made possible through currency creation. Without easy money, a nation can no longer sustain its campaign of lies. And as the dollar collapses, so will the Empire of Lies, which might as well be the new name for the U.S. State Dept and accompanying Military Industrial Complex that gains power and profit from engineered mass human suffering and death.
An empire of lies needs a mountain of money printing to stay in power
This empire of lies requires a mountain of money printing to keep it afloat — and to keep the wars active enough to justify ever-more-extreme violations of the principles that were once embraced by the “liberal world order” but have since been abandoned. Principles like democracy, freedom, human rights and self-determination. All four of those concepts now lie buried beneath the rubble of hospitals, universities and residential apartment buildings in Gaza, having been bombed into oblivion by a war-minded nation (Israel) propped up by a financial terrorism regime (the USA).
Without aggressive money printing by the USA, Israel has no substantial financial backing from the west. Nor would Ukraine, which has nearly run its course as the puppet proxy of the west and is about to be tossed aside by western powers now that the money laundering racket has just about reached its end.
The United States of America is now nearly $44 trillion in debt, and unfunded liabilities have reached an eye-popping $212 trillion (see These numbers are beyond the comprehension of most people, which is just as well since no one in Washington D.C. is even bothering to try to bring them back to any level of reason or fiscal responsibility.
Instead, the spending proceeds at a frantic pace, primarily in these three areas that I have repeatedly warned now represent the core pillars of the U.S. empire:
Disease, debt and death.
Disease: Nearly $1.5 trillion a year is now spent on Medicare and Medicaid, which primarily offer payouts to the “disease industry” known as Big Pharma and a failed system of western medicine hospitals that express near-zero proficiency in preventing disease or death.
Debt: Social Security now costs the U.S. federal government nearly $1.4 trillion a year, paying American workers a fraction of what the government once stole from their paychecks, especially when considering the rapidly diminishing value of today’s dollars.
Death: Over $800 billion is spent each year on the “death industry” — U.S. defense and war operations, which naturally focus on occupying, attacking and threatening other nations around the world while claiming to be “protecting democracy.”
These three pillars of the U.S. empire — disease, debt and death — are now the total obsession of western culture, where career-minded citizens flock to Big Pharma, Big Finance and Big War (the defense industry) to cash in, because that’s where the money is found.
But disease, debt and death do not lead to a prosperous or sustainable society. They produce short-term financial riches at the expense of long-term national abundance.
You cannot bomb your way to peace and prosperity.
You cannot medicate your way to good health.
You cannot create wealth by counterfeiting currency.
That’s why the U.S. empire is collapsing. It rewarded profit, power and greed over sustainability, prosperity and liberty, all of which are necessary conditions for the kind of innovation that’s required to advance a civilization. Thus, America is moving backward, not forward, and the collapse of the west — which will include much of Western Europe, Canada, Australia and related nations — is now far being the tipping point and cannot be halted.
Once the collapse runs it’s course, any nation foolish enough to be tied to the dollar — including Argentina and Israel — will experience the sudden loss of everything those dollars once provided. Critically for Israel, this includes the United States military armed forces (i.e. carrier strike groups), which of course cannot function without financial support. Just as the military of the former USSR collapsed and broke into a thousand pieces like Humpty Dumpty, when the dollar dies, the U.S. military shatters and cannot be put back together again.
Perhaps this is the plan of the globalists all along. Either way, the level of human suffering (famine, destitution, homelessness, chaos, violence, etc.) will be unprecedented.
Plan accordingly.
Here’s my interview with Maria Zeee that discusses this and other important topics:
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