Interview with Andy Schectman ~ 3/20

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Andy Schectman joins Mike Adams – The dollar will be Obsolete as Brics nations roll out new currency innovations.
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– Gold and silver prices, central banks’ accumulation, and the potential for a global currency reset. (0:00)
– Gold, silver, Bitcoin, and the potential for a gold-backed BRICS currency. (3:08)
– New currency and commodity price setting mechanism. (8:03)
– Financial manipulation and the rise of the BRICS nations. (14:25)
– Precious metals market and global economic trends. (21:31)
– Economic collapse in Europe and the US. (24:14)
– Economic crisis, inflation, and food shortages. (28:56)
– Banking industry vulnerabilities and potential collapse. (33:57)
– Economic collapse and its impact. (38:23)
– Gold and blockchain as a hedge against dollar collapse. (42:59)
– The potential replacement of the US dollar as a global reserve currency. (46:51)
– Gold backs as off-grid money. (52:54)
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The March 20th ~ Podcast [Duration 59:55]
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