Interview with Col. Pete Chambers ~ 01/09

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Col. Pete Chambers (ret) joins Mike Adams in studio for an uncensored interview about the BORDER INVASION..
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– US-Mexico border situation and immigration. (0:00)
– Immigration and border security in Texas. (3:56)
– Immigration, border security, and war crimes. (8:15)
– Local organizing, disaster preparedness, and political reform. (14:41)
– Knives and their uses. (20:14)
– Amazon Q 🅰🅸 agent and its implications. (26:01)
– Texas independence, immigration, and border security. (29:37)
– Immigration, border security, and American culture. (35:20)
– Food production and military preparedness. (41:41)
– Military gear and training with a retired colonel. (45:53)
– Laundry detergent and health. (49:33)
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The January 9th ~ Podcast [Duration 54:37]
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