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Trump will be President in 2025 – and will transform America into a POLICE STATE after ANTIFA+JIHAD in America.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
2:41 My Comments on Trump
43:59 Christmas Carols
52:32 Big News
56:43 Crypto

1:08:31 Interview with Brandon from Shield Arms
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– On #Trump: I judge people by their actions and ethics.
– Conclusions about candidates are always subject to reevaluation.
– A lot of pro-Trump talk now sounds like “Q 2.0”.
– US Army issues letter to retroactively scrub military records of those dismissed over vaccines.
– The Pentagon needs more soldiers to die for #Israel and war in the Middle East.
– Israeli children’s choir sings new song celebrating #genocide in #Gaza.
– Mockery / satire: New album of Hanukkah Christmas Carols from Israel.
– Includes classic hits like “Grandma got run over by an IDF bulldozer”.
– Putin to test South Pole flight path of Sarmat-2 ICBM with multiple hyperglide vehicles carrying 2 megaton warheads.
– Israeli videos of so-called “Hamas tunnels” are a total joke.
– #Crypto exchange Kraken under fire from SEC, but is pushing back to protect its 10 million customers.
– Interview with Brandon from Shield Arms about new 9mm carbine with folding stock and arm brace.
Tuesday’s Broadcast [Duration 1:45:27]
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