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0:00 Intro
16:04 Osama Bin Laden
41:32 GAZA
1:08:51 Interview with Dennis Kucinich
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– Osama Bin Laden’s 2002 letter suddenly gaining popularity among America’s youth.
– Bin Laden warned of corporate corruption, economic collapse and Jewish capital control over America.
– #TikTok now BANNING accounts of people who reacted to Osama Bin Laden’s letter.
– What is SO DANGEROUS in his letter that the American people are not allowed to read?
– IDF drops leaflets on Southern #Gaza, urging all residents to flee.
– They have nowhere to flee, as the north is bombed, and there is no exit to the south.
– #Egypt says NO to taking in Palestinian refugees, and the USA tells #Israel to stop pushing them out.
– RUMOR that Egypt may attempt to implement a no-fly zone over southern Gaza to stop the bombing.
– Full interview with former Congressman Dennis Kucinich.
Friday’s Broadcast [Duration 2:02:17]
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