DML News Morning Briefing, Dec 22nd

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Dennis Michael
By Ryan Lynch

Today is December 22. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1.Title 42 immigration fight stalls mammoth $1.7 trillion spending bill in the Senate
FoxNews–Republicans and Democrats had been negotiating a trade-off that allowed some votes on amendments to the huge spending bill, in return for GOP agreement to allow an earlier vote on the bill.

One of those amendments was proposed by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, to maintain the Title 42 policy under which millions of immigrants have been turned away at the border to limit the spread of COVID-19. That policy is expected to be phased out any day now, which has Republicans, border states and others worried that the immigration crisis could become even worse.

“Title 42 authority is the only thing standing between us and absolute pandemonium on the border,” Lee told Fox News. “The Democrats won’t let us do it. Why? Because they’re afraid it might pass.”

Ryan Lynch: If Title 42 is overturned, the Border crisis will exponentially get worse. The videos of El Paso’s streets will look minor compared to what is to come.

2.Woke academics urge US Marine Corps to stop calling instructors ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’ to be more gender inclusive and avoid being ‘offensive’
DailyMail–US Marines may soon stop using the words ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’ to address their senior officers, a new report has revealed – as part of a sweeping effort to avoid ‘misgendering’ drill instructors.

The recommendation came in a recently completed academic report from the University of Pittsburgh, which was commissioned by the Corps in 2020.

Completed this year, the report offers a detailed independent study on gender-integration at boot camp, and suggests measures Marines should take to make both genders feel more at ease when hearing responses from aspiring privates.

At a whopping 738 pages, the in-depth study highlights a host of prospective changes the 247-year-old institution can implement to make drill instructors of both genders feel more comfortable when being addressed by cadets – with the most pronounced being the nixing of gender-specific titles.

Ryan Lynch: Marines apparently shouldn’t be allowed to use “sir” or “ma’am” in BootCamp. These people need to keep their woke ideologies away from our Military. American citizens aren’t going to put up with this s*it. “Gender Neutrality” has no place in the Military, let alone in our country.

3.TikTok steps up efforts to clinch U.S. security deal
Reuters–Popular short-video app TikTok is offering to operate more of its business at arm’s length and subject it to outside scrutiny as it tries to convince the U.S. government to allow it to remain under the ownership of Chinese technology company ByteDance, according to people familiar with the matter.

TikTok has been seeking to assure U.S. government departments and agencies for the last three years that the personal data of U.S. citizens cannot be accessed and its content cannot be manipulated by China’s Communist Party or any other entity under the influence of that country’s government.

TikTok has already unveiled several measures aimed at appeasing the U.S. government, including an agreement for Oracle Corp (ORCL.N) to store the data of the app’s users in the United States and a United States Data Security (USDS) division to oversee data protection and content moderation decisions. It has spent $1.5 billion on hiring and reorganization costs to build up that unit, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Ryan Lynch: No matter how much Tik Tok tries to convince the U.S Government, they are a security risk. The Chinese communist party has influence in every Chinese company. They are stealing our data and relaying the information to the Chinese government.

4.Against all odds ‘Ukraine didn’t fall,’ Zelenskyy says in historic address to U.S. Congress
CNBC–U.S. President Joe Biden and Zelenskyy met at the White House for a bilateral meeting between high-ranking officials from both nations, followed by a joint press conference where Biden pledged to help the young leader for “as long as it takes.” The Ukrainian leader gave a rousing and historic 32-minute address to U.S. lawmakers at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday night.

“Against all odds and doom and gloom scenarios, Ukraine didn’t fall. Ukraine is alive and kicking,” Zelenskyy said to a loud round of applause and several standing ovations.

“The battle is not only for life, freedom and security of Ukrainians or any other nation which Russia attempts to conquer,” he said, “the struggle will define in what world our children and grandchildren will live.”

Ryan Lynch: If you haven’t watched the 30-minute speech by Zelenskyy, click the link in the Twitter post for the full video.

5.Catholic Church bishops are ‘afraid to offend’ powerful Democrats, defrocked priest Frank Pavone says
FoxNews–Outspoken Catholic priest and political activist Frank Pavone, the national director of the influential pro-life ministry Priests for Life who has been laicized, or dismissed, from the clerical state by the Catholic Church, told Fox News Digital this week that he is involved in a battle “for the soul of the Catholic Church.”

He suggested, too, that the abortion issue is at the center of it.

Pavone, whose organization is headquartered in Titusville, Florida. also said that some bishops in the Church do not want to “offend” powerful Democrats and members of Congress — which is why they purposefully soften their pro-life message.

Ryan Lynch: Political fear and pressure have no place in religious faith.

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