DML News Morning Briefing, Tues. Nov. 22

Family gets $1 MIL settlement, the Crazy Left, Crime, Border Patrol suicides, and more…
By Anneta Griffee

Today is November 22. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – Atlanta City Council approves $1 million settlement with widow of Rayshard Brooks
Fox News reports: The Atlanta City Council unanimously approved a $1 million settlement with the widow of Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old Black man who was shot and killed by a police officer following a struggle in June 2020.

The shooting came just weeks after George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer and ignited protests throughout America.

Pete Skandalakis, executive director of the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, was appointed as a special prosecutor in Brooks’ case. Skandalakis determined in August that the use of deadly force was “objectively reasonable,” saying that he doesn’t think race played a role in the shooting.

“This isn’t one of those cases,” he said. “This is a case in which the officers were willing to give Mr. Brooks every benefit of the doubt and, you know, unfortunately, by his actions, this is what happened.”

Brooks’ family, meanwhile, said they were disappointed that no charges were brought against the officers.

Police were called to a Wendy’s parking lot on June 12, 2020, about a man sleeping in the drive-thru lane.

Body camera footage shows the officers calmly speaking with Brooks for about 40 minutes, but the encounter took a turn when they tried to arrest him for drinking and driving. A struggle then ensued and Brooks grabbed one of the officer’s tasers and fired it at him as he was running away.

The officer then pulled out his gun and shot Brooks twice, killing him.

ANNETA G: So you can pass out in a fast food line, resist arrest, steal an officer’s taser and and fire it at them, then when the officers shoot back, your family gets $1 million.  Got it.  Just can’t make this stuff up!

2 – NBC’s Ben Collins: ‘A Child Might Go to Meet a Drag Queen Just to Show Them They’re Human Beings’
Breitbart reports: NBC reporter Ben Collins said on Peacock’s “MTP NOW” that parents take children to all-age drag brunches to meet a drag queen “just to show them they’re human beings.”

Host Kristen Welker said, “What are you seeing online in the wake of this shooting? Is anything standing out to you?”

Collins said, “I will say that the months-long campaign of targeting trans and gay rights events and supports and things like drag brunches, that has been a persistent narrative by the anti-LGBQ right in the last six months to the last year. One of the main drivers of that hate is an account called Libs of TikTok.”

Welker said, “You said this, but we I think we can’t emphasize this enough. This was during a drag night.”

Just this morning, Collins doubled down, claiming that anyone who opposes drag queens is inciting violence against LGBTQ people.

ANNETA G: Do you see where this is headed?  Now they’re blaming LIBS OF TIKTOK for this shooting, plus Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters, and anyone else who dares to speak out against children being expose to drag queens.   Unbelievable!

3 – Woke professor of pediatrics says children should be banned from getting tattoos – but that it’s fine for them to have sex change surgery and take puberty blockers
The Daily Mail reports: A University of Washington Medical Center professor said there should be laws preventing children from getting tattoos – despite previously signing a declaration that kids should receive sex-change treatments if they want them.

Dr. Cora Breuner, a professor and pediatrician at Seattle Children’s Hospital, was commenting on a case involving Crystal Thomas, a New York woman who was arrested after allowing her 10-year-old son to get a tattoo.

Though tattoos are illegal in New York for people under 18, other states do not ban them if parents give consent.

Woke Breuner told the New York Times she thought children under 18 don’t have the ‘agency’ to adequately make a decision about placing a ‘permanent’ mark on their body, and that laws should be put in place to prevent them from doing so.

Despite her fears over children’s decision making abilities, in 2018 Breuner signed an American Academy of Pediatrics statement endorsing ‘not reversible’ gender-affirming treatments for children, The College Fix reported.

The statement advocated for the use of puberty blocking treatment in adolescents, hormonal therapy – which it noted was only ‘partially reversible’ – and even for gender-affirming surgical procedures.

ANNETA G: After a while, I’m just speechless. It is just appalling and plain scary that we have medical doctors who think it’s perfectly fine to chop up children’s bodies.

4 – ‘We Lost Our Purpose’: Border Patrol Sees Surge In Suicides As Morale Plummets
The Daily Caller reports: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has seen four personnel die by suicide in the last two weeks, National Border Patrol Council Vice President At-Large Sergio Moreno, who is part of the agency’s National Suicide Prevention Workforce, revealed to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Three Border Patrol agents died by suicide in the two week period, the first two in the Rio Grande Valley sector, the third in the El Paso sector on Sunday and the fourth, a CBP officer, also on Sunday, Moreno told the DCNF. The surge in suicides comes as CBP personnel experience low morale amid record illegal migration ushered in by several Biden administration border and immigration policies.

An increasing number of agents taking their own lives led the agency to hire the first suicidologist, Dr. Kent Corso, to step in at the first half of 2021. Corso is conducting an investigation into the incidents, according to Moreno, who recently traveled with Corso to the Rio Grande Valley sector where he spoke with agents about losing their colleagues.

“Under the current administration, we are not allowed to do the full functions of the Border Patrol, the enforcement aspect,” Moreno said, citing conversations with “distraught” colleagues of the deceased agents.

ANNETA G: Joe Biden, this is on YOU!!!

5 – Police task force busts Los Angeles train cargo theft rings
The Washington Examiner reports: One year after gangs of thieves looted Western Pacific trains leaving Los Angeles, a police task force has brought down two cartels that stole $18 million in high-priced goods and sold them through online marketplaces.

It was a familiar sight to see tracks leaving the Port of Los Angeles littered with boxes and debris during late 2021, the result of burglars who rifled through slow-moving trains loaded with goods. The items were destined for stores across the nation that had been decimated by the pandemic and awaited new goods.

A lot of the cargo never made it. Thieves were sophisticated in breaking locks and rapidly removing the cargo from trains as they pulled to a stop at a station near downtown Los Angeles.

Union Pacific’s Railroad Police, a legendary police force from the days of the Wild West, arrived in Los Angeles to stop the trend, and they succeeded.

The Train Burglary Task Force, headed by the Los Angeles Police Department, has arrested 91 people and served 49 search warrants over the past several months, bringing the number of thefts down to almost zero. Six more arrest warrants are going out this week, said LAPD Detective Joe Chavez, who heads the task force.

ANNETA G: Now stop all the store lootings and shopliftings!

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