DML Morning Briefing Mon. Oct. 24

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Dems in a panic, ‘swing state’ turns RED, Biden makes huge admission, and more…
By Anneta Griffee

Today is October 24. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – A swing state no more? GOP confidence grows in Florida
The Associated Press reports: THE VILLAGES, Fla. (AP) — Democrats are increasingly concerned that Florida, once the nation’s premier swing state, may slip away this fall and beyond as emboldened Republicans capitalize on divisive cultural issues and demographic shifts in crucial contests for governor and the U.S. Senate.

The anxiety was apparent last week during a golf cart parade of Democrats featuring Senate candidate Val Demings at The Villages, a retirement community just north of the Interstate 4 corridor. Once a politically mixed part of the state where elections were often decided, some Democrats now say they feel increasingly isolated.

“I am terrified,” said 77-year-old Sue Sullivan, lamenting the state’s rightward shift. “There are very few Democrats around here.”

In an interview, Demings, a congresswoman and former Orlando police chief challenging Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, conceded that her party’s midterm message isn’t resonating as she had hoped.

MY TAKE: Democrats have golf cart parades. Republicans have miles-long boat parades and truck parades.   I think that says it all right there!

2 – MSNBC anchor tells Biden he and millions of Americans are ‘scared’ for the future
Fox News reports: MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart told President Joe Biden that he and millions of Americans are “scared” about the future of American democracy in an interview broadcast Friday.

“Mr. President, I’ll be honest: I’m scared,” Capehart said to Biden. “Millions of Americans are scared and they’re concerned about the concerted attacks on democracy, on voting, and how that’s going to impact the midterm elections.”

The news host then slammed conservatives ranging from the governor of Florida to candidates on the ballot in November.

“We’re seeing everything, from Governor DeSantis’ election police force, arresting people for alleged violations of voter fraud. We’re seeing election workers quitting because of threats,” he claimed. “And then on top of it, you’ve got election deniers up and down the ballot running for election, a good chunk of them could win.”

MY TAKE: Poor Dems, they’re quaking in their boots!  Well, Conservatives are scared that Democrat policies are driving America off the cliff, and we’re not going to allow it to happen!

3 – Biden says he could ‘drop dead tomorrow’ as age concerns mount
The Washington Examiner reports: As questions swirl about his fitness to run a reelection campaign, President Joe Biden conceded it is “legitimate” for people to be worried about age.

Despite a wave of viral clips showing gaffes becoming a regular occurrence during his tenure and physical slips, such as when he fell off a bike, Biden said in a new interview that he feels healthy and intends to seek a second term in the White House but cannot yet commit to it.

Jonathan Capehart, host of MSNBC’s The Sunday Show, brought up his Aunt Gloria during an interview with the president, stating that she is unsure about him running for president again given his age and even had them speak on the phone.

“Well, I think Aunt Gloria should take a look. I think it’s a legitimate thing to be concerned about anyone’s age, including mine,” Biden said when asked about her concerns. “That’s totally legitimate. But I think the best way to make the judgment is to, you know, watch me. Am I slowing up? Am I — don’t have the same pace?”

He also acknowledged how quickly an older individual like himself could suddenly get seriously ill. “I’m a great respecter of fate. I could get a disease tomorrow. I could, you know, drop dead tomorrow,” Biden said, adding that people should weigh his energy level and passion for his work in determining whether he remains fit for the job.

MY TAKE: This man is not qualified to lead anything, much less lead the country!

4 – MSNBC Host Claims Minority Republican Candidates Are Not ‘Voices Of Color’
The Daily Caller reports: MSNBC host Tiffany Cross attacked minority Republican candidates Saturday morning, claiming they were “not voices of color.”

“Despite the fact the GOP’s racist rhetoric has not slowed at all, they have begun hyping up, get this, their ‘diverse’ candidates,” Cross said while making air quotes with her hands. “According to numbers provided by the National Republican Congressional Committee, 80 Republican incumbents or candidates on the ballot next month are women, 33 and Latino, 28 are black, 13 are Asian and three are native Americans.”

“But faces of color do not always equate to voices of color,” Cross continued. “As our own NBC’s Scott Wong points out in his good reporting, the leadership will almost be entirely composed of white men. Really, this sounds more like the political equivalent of ‘some of my best friends are black.’”

Cross previously hosted Elie Mystal, who attacked Republican senatorial candidate Herschel Walker of Georgia as “a person who lacks independent thoughts,” on July 30.

MY TAKE: So, “people of color” are not supposed to think for themselves – just vote Democrat… isn’t that RACIST?!

5 – High school reports illness outbreak, 1,000 students call out sick
Fox News reports: Some 1,000 students and a few staff members at a Virginia high school last week had to call out sick with flu-like symptoms and stomach pains.

Stafford High School Principal Allen Hicks sent out a letter to parents on Friday, alerting them of an “illness outbreak.”

“We are currently investigating the symptoms and are working with the health department to identify the root cause of the illness,” Hicks said in the letter.

MY TAKE:  Now I wonder why kids’ immune systems are so weak?  Could it be that all those lockdowns, masks and social distancing weren’t so great after all?

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