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A Game of “Fauci Says”: How Many Ways Can He Contradict Himself on the Same Day?

• Fauci’s Head Spinning Lies & Absurdities: everyone must be vaxed to fly but masks on planes will never end; Omicron is spreading rapidly but let’s cut quarantine in half. Are you tired of playing “Simon Says”?
• What skills will be most useful to survive in an underground economy? Advice from Venezuela on surviving in a country where corruption, inflation and draconian tyranny are rampant — like ours
• What was the REAL message Biden was sending to Governors when he said “there’s no federal solution”? Hint: it’s not a de-escalation of mandates or dictates
• Vax Mandates for Military Readiness? A 2nd navy ship stuck at port when 1/3 of 100% jabbed crew tests positive — mostly asymptomatic
• More nurse (this time in California) blow the whistle on dangerous TrumpShots and the VAERS cover-up
• ELIMINATION of PRIVATE CARS — the goal, now admitted by government
• Humanize Mice, Humanized Pigs — what our governments are doing is FAR WORSE than wasted money
• Biden seeks to shut down Canadian border to commerce over vax mandates while leaving southern border to Mexico wide open to unvaxed

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Tuesday December 28th’s Edition [3:03:30]

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