The David Knight Show, Monday – 11/22/21

Violence Erupts Worldwide: Against Medical Martial Law, Jury Verdict, Mass Organized Looting in CA.

Waukesha: Will MSNBC or any other media or politicians be held responsible for inciting hatred and violence? Will Nadler & others bring federal charges against Rittenhouse?

What does Soros, Obama, Eric Holder have to do with Waukesha terror attack and San Francisco organized massive looting this weekend?

Black man found NOT guilty after killing police in self-defense during “no-knock” SWAT attack — same day as Rittenhouse, media silent

Massive protests across Europe and in Australia against medical martial law.  “Mostly peaceful” (actually true), but media focuses solely on violence.  How should we respond to this war?

LGBT Teacher conference in California — how to “stalk” kids, monitor their conversationsrecruit into gender discussions — and hide it ALL from parents.  And, how partisan blinders keep Republicans from seeing the pedophiles in their party

Fauci’s new mask rules — for himself.  They’re coming for babies First Quarter 2022 while media and Gottlieb say 3 doses is the new “fully vaccinated” early next year

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Monday November 22nd’s Edition
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