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Fauci: Deadly Experiments on Orphans; Add It to Vivisection of Babies & Torturing Puppies.

  • Fauci’s biggest scam before Covid was AIDS.  He force fed, tortured and killed orphans & children taken by CPS, using them as guinea pigs for BigPharma
  • Oklahoma Governor & commander of OK National Guard say NO vaccine mandates for guard while under state command
  • RFK Jr. — “This is the hill we die on”
  • Pharma Uber Alles as globalist puppets in Austria put MILLIONS of unvaxed Austrians under house arrest “to incentivize” the jab
  • Second, stronger opinion issued from 5th Circuit Court against Biden OSHA mandate
  • Flynn throws out First Amendment and American history as he embraces “one religion” for USA in an effort to curry favor with the Trump crowd who’ve realized he’s pushing New Age religion. 
  • VAERS analysis shows 4,000 other symptoms that are 10x’s more frequent for the WarpSpeed shots than all other injections for the last 5 yrs combined
  • Young & professional athletes are experiencing 70x’s the number of heart attacks

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Monday November 15th’s Edition
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