The Real David Knight Show, 2nd

EVERY Jab Death Tied to Just 5% of Batches for BOTH Pfizer/Moderna.

  • EVERY jab death came from just 5% of the batches.  That’s true for BOTH Pfizer and Moderna.  Why?
  • Trump asked why he didn’t fire Fauci as Fauci fires Americans who don’t get the big, beautiful TrumpJuice
  • A black box to track your driving, your vaccine passports and your Chinese-style “social credit”?  The phone is shaping up to be Big Brother’s Swiss Army Knife
  • Texas’ mechanism to fight abortion may weaponize the “cancel mob” against free speech, free exercise of religion and the right to keep and bear arms
  • Every member of FDA “scientific advisory board” that approved the jab for 5-11 yo children, has deep connections to Pfizer and conflict of interest

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Tuesday November 2nd’s Edition [3:01:46]

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