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Congress Changed Definition of “Vaccine” Just Before “Outbreak” to Include mRNA Injections.

  • Buried toward the end of a spending bill, just BEFORE the outbreak, was a change in the definition of “vaccine” to include mRNA injections.
  • Mandates causing mass firings & closings of fire stations as Biden continues his efforts to burn down society; his Press Sec Psaki (doubled jabbed, double masked) gets COVID. 
  • Resistance Builds: giant Australian protest and cops don’t get violent.  Former cop tells them the world is watching whether they will be the “private army of a madman”.
  • European Parliament members expose Pfizer’s REDACTED, SECRET contracts.  Why is NO ONE allowed to see it?
  • Biden flagrant “climate” hypocrisy — 85 car entourage, jets, etc — to climate summit COP26 as Prince Charles pushes what he acknowledges is a “radical” restructuring of society.
  • Biden loses in court, IGNORES the decision; Trump’s SCOTUS picks are 1 out of 3 on throwing away religious exemption
  • Virginia fake Tiki protest backfires on Dems but county Mon 1Nov21.

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