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Tuesday November 21st,
1st Hour only, Show
[Duration 46:41]
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Media Matters, Elon Musk, Truth Social, Rumble, And Texas AG Investigates.
The Matrixxx Grooove Show  ~  Season Five  ~  Episode 203…
Jesse Watters discusses Media Matters and reports of MG Show account censorship on TMTG takes legal action, filing a lawsuit against 20 corporations. WoozNewz provides a comprehensive review of January 6th footage, while Tucker’s segment featuring Chief Sund delves into specifics. Roger Stone hints at Michael Flynn’s potential 2024 presidential run. Explore the RunTheRace thread on the Flynn PAC. Mohave County, Arizona, expresses a preference for no paper ballots. In legal news, an appellate court rules against answers to loaded questions. And much more.
Tuesday November 21st,
Streamed on: Rumble (Full) Show [Duration 2:00:14]
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