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• Armageddon Alert! Putin Threatens “Full-Scale WW3” If NATO Sends Troops to Ukraine.
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◀️ Alex Jones is Live and talking on today’s hottest issues and more!
▶️ Alex Jones will also break down the bone-chilling oral arguments from the Supreme Court where Democrat justices openly call for restricting speech the federal government doesn’t like!
▶️ Meanwhile in the UK, police are ordering the official flag of the UK, the Union Jack, to be removed because it offends UN-sponsered illegal invaders!
▶️ This dovetails with Germany where high school students who showed support for the nationalist party are being detained by police!
▶️ This is the left’s plan for the entire planet! Also, Candace Owens has been told by a prominent rabbi that she’s antisemitic for calling someone a hag!
▶️ The thought police aren’t coming, they’re here!
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The Transmission for March 19th ~ [Duration 3:14:50]
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