Idea #16) Assist with Lead Generation.

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Assist with Lead Generation.
Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to create new leads. Leads, after all, are the lifeblood of businesses.

When you assist with lead generation, you basically play the matchmaker. You connect business with the leads for whom they can solve the problems.

A Beginner’s Guide to Local Lead Generation Tools.

Have you ever heard of the local lead generation strategies? Being an entrepreneur, you need to find different ways to target your local and global clientele. This is when a local lead generation can help you gain the attention of potential customers who are looking forward to availing your services in a particular area.

What differentiates local lead generation from globally available products is the fact that this service especially targets a limited geographical area such as a town, city or a particular country. In other words, it targets the most likely buyers who are in need of the services offered by your company.

So, if your business deals with a set of customers within a specified geographical area, you will want to maximize your lead generation efforts by concentrating on high-quality local leads.

This guide will help you to get an overview of traffic source and lead generation tools that can be used to push potential visitors to the lead generation page and convert them into customers.

Some Tools Used for Local Lead Generation

Before planning the local lead generation strategy, you need to get familiar with different tools available in the market to maximize your success. Here are few tools that can help.

  • Pop-Ups

If you visit any e-commerce or any other website in general, you will definitely come across at least one pop up. Thinking why do people use pop-ups? Well because they work. Nowadays, a great number of businesses are using pop-ups to alert the visitors about new offers, build their subscriber list and to generate leads.

Pop-ups are great tools for generating local leads as they can be used on a number of occasions. Different types of pop-ups include:

  • The traditional pop up which appears as soon as you land on the website
  • A pop up which is triggered when the mouse leaves the window
  • Click pop-ups appear when certain link, image or button is clicked
  • Scroll pop up appear when the visitor has scrolled down on the page

However, when designing your pop-up, make sure to keep in mind that it is not another landing page, rather it is a concise copy. Therefore, you need to focus on communicating the benefits in brief.

  • Landing Page

In the world of lead generation, landing page forms an inseparable part. They help businesses to effectively communicate a lot of information with the customer; thus, making it easy to generate as many local leads as possible.

While you may say that pop-ups offer an effective way to generate leads, the effectiveness of landing page is unmatched. Few ways to make a landing page works to its full potential includes:

  • Keep it simple

Even as a landing page gives you a lot more freedom to show your creative side as compared to pop-ups, make sure to keep the design simple and to the point. Don’t overdo the page and make it look too long. Just talk about the important things and leave out the fillers.

  • Keep the Signup Form Simpler

Even as you are looking forward to generating quality leads, make sure to keep the sign up form simple. Keep the number of form fields as low as possible. If your business does not require anything more than the customer’s name, phone number and email address, skip the unnecessary steps.

  • Highlight the Benefits

Whether you are offering a free quote, free consultation or a discount on their first purchase, make sure to clearly highlight the benefits your customers can avail by converting on the landing page.

  • Forms

Another great tool to increase local lead generation is the forms. They are great as you can embed them into your website and they will help generate leads. Embedding a form will make it easy for your business to generate a lead without taking the customers away from the page they first landed on.

However, if you choose to ask for a lot of information, make sure to use a pop-up or a landing page. On the other hand, if you want just the email address of the customers, an embedded form can be the best way to get the information from the targeted customer base.

  • Contests

One of the most effective and the last lead generation strategies is a contest. Whether you choose to opt for a referral contest, sweepstakes or photo contests, these little campaigns will help you generate a large number of local leads in a small amount of time.

Some of the best ways to introduce a contest include:

  • Relevant yet exciting prices

Pick up a prize that is relevant yet is able to excite your potential customers. Picking up irrelevant price will get you low-quality leads and picking up a relevant prize will make sure that people who are genuinely interested in your business enter the giveaway.

  • Follow up on the leads

Everybody who enters the competition cannot win; therefore, make sure to follow up with contestants who didn’t win. Create an email drip campaign and try to convert the potential leads into customers.

  • Google Ads

If you are looking for great returns, you need to invest some money. Therefore, one of the best-paid ways to drive massive traffic toward your business is to invest in Google ads. Along with your SEO efforts, Google ads can be a great source of internet traffic because these ads are based on the search results. Therefore, you will have more engaged leads from Google ads traffic as compared to other sources of internet traffic.


When it comes to attracting the attention of targeted customers, it is important that you come up with a well-thought strategy.

You will need to use the local lead generation tools to create a landing page, pop-ups, contests or more for your business. Then, you need to drive the targeted traffic to your campaign with the help of social media, Google ads, and other marketing tactics.

After reading this article, I am sure that you will be confident about increasing your local leads. If you still have doubts, get in touch with the best sales lead generation companies.

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