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RED ALERTEMERGENCY podcast update – Bakhmut firebombed, Russia and USA playing dangerous game of nuclear escalation as US border MASS INVASION just days away.
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Mike Adams.
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0:00 The Attack
– 700,000 illegals gathering on US border for mass invasion next week.
– Gonzalo Lira arrested by Ukrainian police to silence dissenting views.
– Huge incendiary firebombing of Bakhmut by Russian forces.
– Russia’s Wagner group threatens to evacuate Bakhmut, claims has run out of ammo.
– Ukraine appears to be planning massive counteroffensive.
– Attempted drone assassination of Putin failed.
– Medvedev is threatening nuclear retaliation against the west.
– Russia appears increasingly desperate and irrational, may have been triggered by the drone attack.
– We are on the verge of nuclear world war, closer than ever before in the history of the world.
– US govt. appears to be provoking Russia at max effort, may carry out nuclear false flag.

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